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  1. MatteoD

    What do you want from your business data?

    Hi all! Could you spare a minute to help me better understand which are the problems about data in your organization? If a magic pill would exist to solve your data problem, how the result would look like? (Do you even look at your data to optimize your processes? Do you have a data strategy and...
  2. MatteoD

    EXECUTION $3K MRR in 30 Days Challenge —23 y/o, built 6-fig biz last year [VIDEO]

    I'm loving your videos, simple and very informative. Keep it up.
  3. MatteoD


    Read it. A very solid book. Maybe there are too many acronyms which can confuse you and I would love to see all the diagrams at the end of the book for convenience. The book leave you with a path to an unscripted life, no fluff nor BS. Recommended.
  4. MatteoD

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read TMF a few years ago, I'm starting a second read. Much needed book.
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