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  1. masterneme

    EXECUTION Learning C (Game Programming) Progress Thread

    OK. I thank you for taking my post as I intended, just as a way to make you think about your decissions in a different way and more deeply. Some people believe that when I make suggestions I'm too direct or even aggressive, I tend to forget that those people are not fastlaners but you never...
  2. masterneme

    HOT TOPIC Should I be worried about capitalism changing? Or am I overthinking it?

    You know? I've been thinking for a while that the movie Elysium is a good depiction of how the world is going to be in the future. I think that politicians and "intellectuals" are going to play the "diversity is our strength" game to the extreme, trying hard to manipulate minorities (who later...
  3. masterneme

    EXECUTION Learning C (Game Programming) Progress Thread

    I don't want to sound like a dick but if your objective is to work with Unity and 2D why don't you just start doing that? Your foundations come from the experience of making games AKA producing. I thought you wanted to learn C/C++ because you wanted to use UE4, CryEngine or make your own stuff...
  4. masterneme

    EXECUTION Learning C (Game Programming) Progress Thread

    Yeah that's definitely a problem. Maybe starting with something like raylib could be a good option before trying more advanced engines/frameworks.
  5. masterneme

    EXECUTION Learning C (Game Programming) Progress Thread

    I suggest you switch to C++ and start applying the new knowledge building stuff ASAP. Take a look at this link: The Definitive C++ Book Guide and List If you're interested in videogames you'll have to learn even more stuff, like patterns and algorithms for game logic and the different ways...
  6. masterneme

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    Oh yeah the infamous Indepocalypse... Of course indies sell less than before, everyone is making metroidvanias, 2D puzzle platformers or cloning each other and give up after their first release not doing very well. Then someone makes something a bit different, does marketing and promotion from...
  7. masterneme

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    The % decreases because the number of total players has gone up, but the number itself remains fairly stable at around 1 million. And the negativity, yeah, there's still people telling Valve to increase the fee for Steam Direct. I don't think they realize that the days when just being on Steam...
  8. masterneme

    EXECUTION What will you accomplish in 2019?

    *I will finish and release my game on Steam and it will sell at least 10k units. *I will update the game with better assets and use those better assets to make a sequel that will sell another 10k units. *I'll stablish a business partnership with a content creator and use my tech to expand their...
  9. masterneme

    What business would you buy/start in a developing country to generate income?

    The same the Chinese are doing in Africa, managing clean water and terraforming deserts.
  10. masterneme

    HOT TOPIC What are people NOT talking about anymore?

    2018 has also been the year of the retro revival.
  11. masterneme

    EXECUTION Building a video games business from scratch

    Good luck with your ventures, I'm following a similar path as you, in fact while I was reading I saw you liking my last post on my progress thread hahaha. And I use the Pomodoro Technique too, I find it very effective. If you want to focus on PC I will tell you that Steam is still the way to...
  12. masterneme

    EXECUTION Building a digital entertainment empire

    It's been a while, I'm still working on the demo, it's taking much more time than expected. But I'm getting closer to finish it and in the meantime I've created a Patreon and a Discord channel because some folks wanted to take a look at the game logic without waiting for me to release a...
  13. masterneme

    HOT TOPIC How to pitch bloggers/influencers?

    Always think about the "What's-In-It-For-Me" for the person you're contacting and develop your pitch around that.
  14. masterneme

    HOT TOPIC Blue Collar Recession

    It's obvious that there's a blatant manipulation of the population. Yesterday I had 2 videos on my Youtube recommendations, one with a woman saying that she would rather stay at home than accepting a 20$/hour job and another woman saying that it's unfair that the CEO made much more money than...
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