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    WEB/DIGITAL Mobile beer app - strategy for reviving an app

    I wonder too how to monetize this kind of apps. I have a similar app, it's not a beer app, but it pursue the same kind of bussines mode. The user is not my cliente but If I have a lot user I could charge something to my really clients, that are companies.
  2. M

    What do you think of these websites? (Flippa)

    There is a podcast about selling and buying websites called it Empire Flipper. Also, it is a platform to do that. I've been listening the last couple weeks and I found some interesting things,maybe you should give it a chance before you go all in in this kind of things. In my opinion, I would...
  3. M

    Are Microeconomics and Statistics Any Useful For Market Research?

    I read a lot about macro because I really enjoy it, and not with a business purpose. I am going to start looking for an online course then, thanks.
  4. M

    Are Microeconomics and Statistics Any Useful For Market Research?

    Anyone knows any good book about micro? I always read a lot about macro, but almost nothing about microeconomics
  5. M

    HOT TOPIC What books are you reading currently?

    I've finished The go giver and I didn't like so much, but I started to read Gorilla Mindset and I think that it's too much better. What I learnt about that is I shouldn't trust reviews about books from webs time like Goodreads, there tend to reflect other things but the the content of the book...
  6. M

    HOT TOPIC What books are you reading currently?

    I really enjoyed Barking Up the Wrong Tree, and now I am reading The Go Giver
  7. M

    How do I go Fastlane as an Attorney?

    The truth is the video is not so good, she doesn't give any detail about her business, but here it is: View:
  8. M

    How do I go Fastlane as an Attorney?

    Today I saw a video about a woman who earn $1.2 million a year, and how she spent. I don't know how what get to my feed, but I gave it a chance. She is a doctor, a profesional like you, but what it catch my attention was she said she earn almost all of her money in a business. She didn't tell...
  9. M

    Adding 10 new habits at once

    You said you don't want to be average, but average people don't try new habits, at least not the good ones. So if you only stick to one at a time, you will a accomplish more and get better result than rest, if you try 10 and then you fail, you are going to be like almost everyone. In the my...
  10. M

    A question for digital nomads and freelancers who live abroad...

    I thing there is another one, that you don’t have a minimum. But you have to provide a plan to hire at least 5 citizen in the next 5 years.
  11. M

    A question for digital nomads and freelancers who live abroad...

    i have been wondering the same question, but in the case of usa. I know that they have a entrepreneur visa, but i don't know anyone who have got it.
  12. M

    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    I read the whole thread a long time before, so I don't remember. Are you thinking to hire people in the future to delegate some work, or the original plan is do all of it by yourself?
  13. M

    Non-Business Book Recommendation Thread

    i will recommend: Can't Hurt Me by David Goggins
  14. M


    In that case, what source do you recommend?. I have been working in my sites, but I want to get better.
  15. M


    Could you recommend a book about SEO?

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