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    Movies about money?

    The Big Short (2015) is definitely worth watching. Rollover (1981) About our money system The Hummingbird Project (2018) Building infrastructure for high-frequency trading The Founder (2016) The story of Ray Kroc. How to build systems Moneyball (2011) Using Data for the Win The Social...
  2. MπR

    How is His Net worth 400 million?

    That is the problem with giving away too much equity. He had less than the largest investor. On the other hand, maybe he could not have build it up to a sale of 4.1B without the investors and their networks. Nonetheless its a nice payday.
  3. MπR

    INTRO Did anyone in their early 20s become a millionaire?

    Sometimes its better to get the money if your are older and and hopefully wiser. There are so many stories of people getting big money in their early years and then blowing it all. Specially if the money came quick and easy. That is even more frustrating when you realize later what...
  4. MπR

    Maybe a stupid question, where to sell my art?

    Never underestimate word of mouth. Online as well as offline. Its a great driver of customers. Sometimes a share by the right person on Instgram or facebook can bring a ton of traffic / business.
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    Maybe a stupid question, where to sell my art?

    I also think etsy is better than eBay since there is already the right clientele looking. Another way is to go out to the offline world. For example: Cafés, bookshops, bars, flowershops or similar places. Places you think potential buyers could frequent. The places have fresh artwork and you...
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    Facebook screwing 6-7 figure businesses, never forget CONTROL

    Also their practice of shadowbanning is shady. Facebook Receives a Patent for Shadowbanning. Facebook Claims it doesn’t Shadowban. But they let you pay for ads that are not shown. This is criminal behaviour.
  7. MπR

    Facebook screwing 6-7 figure businesses, never forget CONTROL

    Facebook is evil! And the fine is a joke. And as long as fines for manupalations like this are cheaper than the gains nothing will change. You also see this in the banking sector. Also the quasi monopoly of FB is helping them.
  8. MπR

    I'd like to use a hosting company called BLUEHOST.

    I had 2 sites on Bluehost. Was a terrible experience. Avoid them.
  9. MπR

    INTRO I go from sluglane to fastlane

    But an investement gives you dividends. If you want a fastlane to the fastlane skip the slowlane part of the book.
  10. MπR

    INTRO I go from sluglane to fastlane

    I just can recomend this book. Even if entrepreneurship is not your focus in the moment this book can/will change you view on a lot of things. Happened to me too ;) Multiple income streams is part of the fastlane. And with a programming background you have the tools to bring your ideas to life.
  11. MπR

    Hated His Job at 40, Bought A Business, Now Nearly A Billionaire

    Think of Colonel Sanders story. ;)
  12. MπR

    Feedback Needed

    Some pics also redirect to top. Great pic with the umbrella hat ;)
  13. MπR

    Feedback Needed

    You are welcome. People helped me so I try to give back. One thing i recognized to is in the gallery it says in the caption of the last image "Photoshop Mockup". Don´t know if this is intentionally or not. Maybe you can also use captions in the gallery to explain a little more what is displayed.
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    Books that will give you a Paradigm Shift! (You'll never be the same again)

    A lot of great books already mentioned. Here are a few that changed my thinking. Business The Personal MBA: Master the Art of Business by Josh Kaufmann Full Engagement by Brian Tracy How Companies Win: Profiting from Demand-Driven Business Models No Matter What Business You're In by Rick Cash...
  15. MπR

    Books that will give you a Paradigm Shift! (You'll never be the same again)

    This is a classic. I still have to work on my stoicism from time to time.

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