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ABOUT ME: My name is Ryan, you can call me that or Lokantha (my childhood video gaming username). I'm about to turn 28yr old.

CERTIFICATIONS: Awaiting final board approval for my CPA license in the state of North Carolina. I am also an MBA student (halfway complete); having these professors as resources to bounce questions off of has provided useful. Also my corporate job is paying for MBA 100% without a contract signed (though I'm sure I'm paying for it in some way).
But, certifications mean little, it's what you do...

CURRENT JOB: 9-5 Corporate job I began the same month I graduated undergrad; the job is in my small 45K population hometown and really helped me save. I'm a Senior Staff Accountant, basically doing bookkeeping for a paint manufacturing company. It has been nice working close with the Controller and CFO to learn all these different facets of business. But... I have a strong desire to build an even better future for my life than a 9-5 job. Also, the Controller has worked here 18yr, and at 40yr old, he isn't going anywhere. The CFO has worked here 30yr, and at 53yr old, he isn't going anywhere. If I stay, I'll forever be in someone else's shadow (until maybe 50's when 'might' get the CFO job).

INVESTMENTS: I have two rental properties, well technically one is rented out and I'm living in the other currently. But I have both homes as cash flowing properties. Property one I rent for $910 (actually under market but the tenants are great!) and expenses (including 20% revenue CapEx estimate for future repairs) $592. So cash flowing $318 a month typically. My current home I'm living in should be about the same, probably more like $275-300 when it comes time to rent it. But real estate investing has a nice return, and I see it as a more calculated risk in my opinion, but that takes time to build. I feel the real way to raise your income is through small business(es), which leads me here! Currently lack experience in this realm.. but have a strong desire to learn!

IDEAS: To prevent this initial post from being too verbose, I’ll post my wide range of ideas I haven’t implemented in a separate thread. Just giving you a background about me in this post first. I have actually tried a boutique and men's fashions consulting, but at the time I was studying for the CPA exam and didn’t invest enough time to really make things sell. I learned a lot about building a website, running facebook ads, accepting payments, and a little about copy-writing too. Neither were a lost cause, and actually my Fiance may pick up the boutique soon (have suppliers still). The men's fashion consulting, I just didn’t see a high enough margin when creating a forecast for financial statements (but I’m fairly certain I could find a way to make it work); I didn’t even attempt to hire employees, negotiate contracts with professional fashion consultants, test the market, etc… Might be promising to go back to sometime. I saved the website I created just in case for both of these small startups.

Looking forward to meeting everyone, and hopefully someday I'll be able to provide just as much value to each of you. It's great to have a group where we are 'in this together' and bounce thoughts, opinions, and ideas off one another.
Aug 2, 1991 (Age: 29)
Charlotte, NC
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