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    MEETUPS Looking for Weekly Accountability Mastermind Group

    This ^ is good...I am interested
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    LANDFILL Help for Entrepreneurs

    Why not?
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    EXECUTION Starting an eCommerce Competitive Intelligence Site

    Most likely it was vague because context was missing. I didnt see the original email but something like: I'm working on developing a solution that solves a real problem that exists in this industry. And then go into it... ..But I may be missing context. Hopefully that helps.
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    OFF-TOPIC What was your first car?

    1988 Chevy Beretta. Bought it from a vice principal from an area School. Had 140K miles, was candy apple red. Paid $1400 - basically my summers wages. I believe the speedometer went up to 120 and I'm pretty sure I did that a time or two. God I hope my son isn't like me.. The guy threw in 2 BIG...
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    NOTABLE! My opinion of the Amazon Marketplace

    IP is intellectual property.
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    The Holy Trinity of Paid Search

    Glad I clarified. easy to take that out of context as in don't bother getting a google business/places listing. thank you.
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    The Holy Trinity of Paid Search

    If its true that Google Places listing sometimes displays before organic and paid ads and offers a way for customer searching for Your Service Business to tap to call you why wouldn't a business owner need to do this? Please clarify or tell me why my assumptions and understanding is wrong. Seems...
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    The Holy Trinity of Paid Search

    Interesting and thank you for going further. I can see how your examples make sense. Your reply and other bread crumbs I've pulled from your threads regarding Google ads is to put ads out for search terms (exact match) in this form (Your service [and] town) and do so for the 5-20 or so...
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    The Holy Trinity of Paid Search

    Is the Trinity still the Trinity today (2019) or has this evolved to something different? Also, in the example "short head" and "long tail" search terms are distinguished but the only difference is the city after the search term. I must be missing something. Anyway, Andy obviously you...
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    HOT TOPIC I just put my house up for sale and no one I know understands why

    I support your decision 100%. ever since I sold my house I halved my monthly nut, significantly reduced liabilities, and gained the freedom to start a business. You will have a similar result no doubt.
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    Is there a constant fear in the back of your mind even if you're a successful Entrepreneur?

    The house is a big one to be paid off that's pretty sweet man.
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    GOLD! Humble Hustle & adding value via Web Business - Progress thread

    Great job on getting paid work. Your post before this mentioned no progress how did you get these jobs?
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    NOTABLE! What if you already know enough?

    I appreciate you continuing the chatter. My view is bigger than just business. For personal development as a human reading is essential. But you make a point that I think can be valid.
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    MARKETPLACE Copywriting Books

    Hey man I couldn't PM for some reason. Sorry for Hijack here.. Wanted to ask and I assume you taught yourself copy - how much have your copy skills developed and how has that helped you thus far?? thank you man.
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    NOTABLE! What if you already know enough?

    Yeah man Im with this Andy. If Identity is not in alignment with what you are trying to do your mind will trick you to mentally masturbate some more. I really think that's why some people have to work on removing limited beliefs. Others are just rock stars and lucky I suppose.
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