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    INTRO Fast lane newbie

    Reading the first one now.
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    INTRO Fast lane newbie

    I have not but interested.
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    INTRO Fast lane newbie

    Hi, I'm from Baltimore MD. Been working in IT for a while but I wanna transition myself into a business owner. Growing up I've had difficulty figuring out what I'm passionate about but I didn't hit me until I was in my early 30s. I plan on becoming a full time trader and want to eventually get...
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    INTRO Steps transitioning from employee to business owner

    I started out getting into forex trading in 2016 didn't have much progress. At the time there was lots of changes in my life and way too many distractions. Fast forward in 2021 I started from scratch again in market structure, and re applied what I've learned over the years. Now I'm waking up...
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    INTRO Fast lane newbie

    Hello everyone I'm Lin newbie to the fast lane and glad to be apart of this experience.
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