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My twin brother and I grew up with a taste for creativity that only grew with our age. It wasn't the art of it, but the effects of making something new it had on people. When we were presented with something new we dove into it head first without an end in sight or a cap on its limits. Later we attained insight and learned that it really didn't have the effect we were looking for. We brought to mind a pattern within our past ventures. We recognized that's what we truly wanted all along. It's to be responsible for a lasting impact on others. To create something new.
Growing up I was always told to do well and keep good grades. Go to school and all of the normal stuff parents like to tell their kids. I considered myself to be rather on the better end, since we grew up in a two story home. As I grew older I learned my parents' struggle with debt and the difficulty paying for this home. To my surprise I learned they were not truly financially educated and only knew the minimum. I began to pursue this education and dove into all aspects of the subject. This includes everything from frugality to stock and real estate investments. This isn't good enough. None of those aspects truly make a lasting effect on others.
So my calling is to be responsible for the lasting impact that betters the lives of others. I see the transparency of the work life to just pay for dept. This exchange of life for later life doesn't make any sense to me. I will do anything to get away from this heavily trampled road, and pave my own road.
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