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  1. Kybalion

    Best way and website to sell my own courses?

    Kartra allows you to do all of that.
  2. Kybalion

    Best way and website to sell my own courses?

    WordPress has a steep learning curve for someone who's starting out + adding too many plugins can break the site if you don't know what you're doing. If someone, who hasn't validated their idea wants to do it fast the $100/month can be worth it. They'll have to spend money on premium...
  3. Kybalion

    Best way and website to sell my own courses?

    Kartra or Kajabi! Allows you to host your course AND build beautiful sales funnels with upsells/downsells AND set up email marketing/automation. And it's super easy to use. I am not affiliated with them by any means, their software just ROCKS! And Thinkific sucks. The only thing they're good...
  4. Kybalion

    How to write copy when not focused on a niche?

    How do you plan to find clients?
  5. Kybalion

    To Passion or Not - Need Advice

    Impossible to say if we don't know what's your niche.
  6. Kybalion

    Selling my music catalog and international character for US $1.5 billion. Critique?

    Yeah, if Youtube is correct that's 70 views per song... that's so whimsical.
  7. Kybalion

    OFF-TOPIC Everyone tries to sell you the shortcut, even here ;)

    After being here for a while MBAs seem inherently dumb, but most people associate status, wealth, and power with having an MBA (or at least as the first step). Those three letters have become a mainstream symbol for ''making it'', and most people who are into it don't have any idea about lead...
  8. Kybalion

    Eliminating action faking -- Learning vs Executing in copywriting and sales

    This is an extremely valuable piece of advice! Create a minimum viable portfolio and start looking for clients ASAP. As soon as you get hired you'll know your writing is capable of generating money - if your clients are willing to pay you, you can get their clients to pay them.
  9. Kybalion

    There is more, than US and EU

    But then again burning his boats, taking the leap of faith and moving to Africa, then failing miserably - then finally succeeding would make for a lot more satisfying story than simply staying in Poland. So, I am saying go for it if you have the metaphorical testicles to do it!
  10. Kybalion

    HOT TOPIC You copywriters are being replaced by AI..

    Is it evil if you get real results for your clients (in spite of using AI)?
  11. Kybalion

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    43% is INSANE... But I guess that's what happens when everyone wants something for nothing.
  12. Kybalion

    Thoughts on personal training or online coaching 2021? Oversaturated?

    It's saturated for sure, but I wouldn't say that it's oversaturated. As many others said it's about your track record. Maybe I am overly optimistic, but I think if you helped a bunch of people get real results (for free/low price) and shared their results with an audience it would be more than...
  13. Kybalion

    Why am I not getting any sales? (I'd love some input)

    Royal vibrators with little crowns on them :D
  14. Kybalion

    Why am I not getting any sales? (I'd love some input)

    Well, people who're so desperate they want to ''eat the rich'' might not have any money to buy your woke t-shirts.
  15. Kybalion

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Sure in USA that might work (not to mention you're comparing lemons to potatoes). Here in Eastern Europe potatoes are dirt cheap. If he sold them for a 50% discount here he'd have to sell hundreds of tonns to make a reasonable salary. That's A LOOOOT of doors to knock on. Anyways, you might be...
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