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    HOT TOPIC Agree? You can't build a top tier physical product without Money

    I think leather is a perfect example that shows your thread is wrong. You can get everything you need to make awesome premium leather products for $200-$300, excluding the cost of the hide. All that will be missing is skill - which leather working requires a good amount of for good results...
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    A very viable investment opportunity for anyone wanting to invest (specialized programming keyboard)

    To sell these to consumers at $300, the stores need to buy them for $200. To sell them to stores at $200, you need to get them into America for $100. Or to sell them yourself, assume $100 transaction cost (marketing, warehousing) so you still end up with $200 gross. To get them made for that...
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    GOLD! Just got my Big Break! Jesse James plugging my biz!

    Do you have plans to have these manufactured? Right now you're still a craftsman and business growth is tied with your time.
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    HOT TOPIC Agree? You can't build a top tier physical product without Money

    I suggest you follow your username and provide More Value to the users of this forum. You don't even have a product in mind you're trying to make. You're throwing out complaints about making watches, then toasters. This thread isn't providing any valuable discussion as far as I can tell...
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    GOLD! Just got my Big Break! Jesse James plugging my biz!

    You didn't read rule # 1? They're gonna have a cabinet called trash house, and they're gonna like it! #4 all the way baby!
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    GOLD! Moved to Scottsdale, Growing a Web Design Firm

    Hey man, reading your thread gave me a great idea for my business, so thank you! I'm working on a website to find freelance designers like yourself, so business owners can type up a brief and then send it to multiple designers they like. Their brief is also available in a feed that designers...
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    Need some help deciding what to do now

    I think the book Ready, Fire, Aim would help you answer this question
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    HOT TOPIC Agree? You can't build a top tier physical product without Money

    Look at OXO brand of products. They've become a premium brand charging 3-10x more than others simply by replacing plastic with silicon and stainless steel with chrome enamled stainless steel. And a paying a designer like $10 more an hour to get someone who has some design sense.
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    INTRO+ 30 year old millionaire but traded my time for money

    A lot of people are thinking you have a money problem. You don’t, they’re missing the one sentence in your intro about how you don’t feel like you’re creating any value in the world. To create value you have to have skills. I think with your college degrees, you’re undervaluing yourself. You do...
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    HOT TOPIC GET TO COLLEGE! (Because I failed at business.)

    Sorry MJ, but I distinctly remember your book shaping my young impressionable mind that job = bad, college = bad. To be fair that’s what I had already thought from other books in the genre, and yours was just another affirmation. At the end of the day, being an author *is* about controlling the...
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    MEETUPS Philly, New Jersey, Delaware Area tri-state Fastlane Meetup?

    I’m down! Are you thinking a lunch get together, or something in the evening?
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    HOT TOPIC How To Make $500 By Spending $50-$100 This Week With Robinhoods Referral Program

    Damn, seems like a fun way to gamble. How much has your total spend been so far?
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    INTRO I can build any SaaS product, and make $ $, but I cant get through my own mind to the next level.

    I am an entrepreneurial developer too. Been an employee and freelancer too. What is keeping you from launching this? For me, a challenging part was designing the thing. I have to exert A LOT of focus into designing something I feel is ready to launch, and it's so hard. Recently I came across...
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    INTRO Please welcome an Irish software developer!

    I don't understand why you think becoming a programmer solves the main problem you had with being a lawyer?? It's still very much the case of the founders raking in millions / billions and the programmers taking in a comparatively tiny piece of that. Let me put it this way... If you sell...
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    Finding a quality, affordable designer

    Basically, I wanted to create a thread detailing my attempts at finding a designer that does good work and fits my budget. I will post past experiences / results as well as current people I am testing 3D related: I am trying to have a shaving bowl created. I made a paper mache of an inner bowl...
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