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Recent content by Kid

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  1. Kid

    If I come up with an idea that will create a new stream of income for a company I work for, who owns the idea?

    That's most common - basically if you have idea even when you got it "after hours" its still company's. But maybe there are some local laws in Houston that regulate that as @WJK said. If you already work for them and already have that idea then try to talk to boss - they own the idea so all...
  2. Kid

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Actually, i find this method best for worst to tackle problems. Doodles, writing vertically, hand drawn checkboxes or arrows connecting concepts. I do use digital apps but many times just to save something i wrote on paper before.
  3. Kid

    GOLD! The Productocracy: How To Print Money (Legally!)

    I hope i didn't came out as poking fun. What i was suggesting was that writing book about it, even through ghost writer, is a way to overcome "physical limits" that You mentioned in the previous post. Who knows, maybe i will read it one day? :bookworm:
  4. Kid

    Unique Selling Preposition

    I think replacing "Searching" with "Find" is better. P.S. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ EDIT: wait, i thought that that was your USP :O
  5. Kid

    GOLD! The Productocracy: How To Print Money (Legally!)

    Ahem, write a book about it ,where was i...
  6. Kid

    GPT-3 what is it useful for?

    Since topic resurfaced i'll post what i was doing with those GTP-3 sites (while they lasted). A bit different way of getting ideas from that i was doing was to enter word "sucks" into prompt instead of suggested prompt for ideas for problem's solution. Had fun with that and few...
  7. Kid

    Is it Lindy?

    When something is existing for 10 years, someone can come with x5 better implementation and most of those from 10 years won't exist, in a matter of few quarters. Too many examples of this to list.
  8. Kid

    The right time to quit a JOB

    I would go into "switch if you have something worth of switching to" camp. If you'll just leave and start eating into your savings then how do you know when that one opportunity will come? In year 1? What if it will come in year 5. Anyway, wishing you good luck.
  9. Kid

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Doc, its rather "be prepared" kind of post. I remember reading that for some products, especially those popular ones, Walmart was real cold capitalists when it came to what they offered to pay. There were stories of basically driving businesses, dependent on Walmart, out of existence by...
  10. Kid

    Implications of Google Trends for my Website/Business

    If i recall correctly, those numbers (blue in your case) are relative, not absolute. So for example 80 in your screen shot isn't 80 searches per month but ratio of 80:1 of "python course" searches vs "python video course" searches.
  11. Kid

    Do you think that the central banks will ruin crypto with their own currency and shut out others?

    There is a positive thing though - currencies are done but the technology behind it is used in other fields. For example i've read somewhere that Maersk, that shipping company with 1,300ft vessels, made a deal with other shipping companies and ports to use decentralized database for containers...
  12. Kid

    EXECUTION 3 Businesses & The Road to $1M in Personal Income

    Is there anything else to say than "keep going" ? :) Nice to hear that you are on better path. 1m personal income is good goal. P.S Late happy b.
  13. Kid

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    Do you? P.S. Yes, it is a tip.
  14. Kid

    RANT Random Chat, Thoughts, Posts, and/or Rants Thread

    If you are an ISP (Internet Service Provider) then there is only one word you can say as of now: "F*".

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