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    Anyone use CLICKFUNNELS?

    Yep I use it for my long form copy sales page, as well as an automated webinar; it works great. Like already mentioned though, there are other products that can definitely do the same at a cheaper price. I just use it because I always have, so it's easy for my team to build and deploy when needed.
  2. Khabeer

    INTRO Just saying hi!

    Hi all, Just reaching out to say Hi! My name is Khabeer Rockley, and I'm a Sales Trainer based in Australia. No agenda here; MJ said to introduce myself and I thought great idea. Happy to meet you in advance :)
  3. Khabeer

    MARKETPLACE Learn How To Consistently Close More Clients - Without Being 'Salesy' (Even If You Are Completely New To Sales)

    I've created a [No Cost] Sales Masterclass, to teach you how to consistently close more clients, without coming across as pushy or 'salesy'. This Masterclass is perfect for people who sell face to face, and want to learn an easy to follow process and close more sales. In this Masterclass, you...
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