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Juhan Rodrik

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I tinker with stuff and draw and paint I started in art school because of my interest in it and no I do not accept commissions on paintings and I do not portrait people on commission . I have many areas of interest and learn something all the time and take courses in somethings I find interesting like boating training that I ended with pleasure craft operators licence. I like acting too so some times I play here there in filmed projects on commercials and TV And movies and music videos( yes music videos use actors too). So acting classes are in menu - stage fighting , sword fighting, stunt stuff, improvised acting.... I grew up in a farm so a bit I like country style stuff kinda visit some times the subject. I have done a few crazy odd jobs here there and invented a few crazy jobs for myself as hassle. I like driving but I hate driving as a job - I'm glad I did not go with the limo idea. Same goes for my artistic jiggering I like doing it but I hate it as a job. Acting is my longest running job ever currently 9th (currently 2019) year of doing it and it has not pissed me of yet un like typical day jobs have. Acting has all the necessary ingredients of job for me most importantly Public performing and fame and being the center of attention and if film is done it is over so every job is one time thing ant there will not be the same job again :) and I get to to play different types of people and do lots of fun stuff :) and have new challenges all the time sometimes to figure out on the spot. I have done from background to lead man and all roles in between and I do my own filming too that is my art and activities related on YouTube kind of a vlog.
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