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  1. JordanK

    Production in China: tips and advice request

    @Walter Hay Might be a little off topic but are you confident that China will be a good place to do business into the future? There is a lot of news about a potential shift occurring as companies look to onshore more of their production back in western countries closer to their target markets...
  2. JordanK

    Are 20-40 Years Old More Lonely Than Ever?

    I think it's a combination of things. Especially in the western world. My own personal experience: - The price of housing has gone up so much that young people are struggling to pay rent and have to devote extra time at work to pay for this. When I was in college nearly 30%+ of students were...
  3. JordanK

    Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    Ireland has nightclubs fully open with hundreds/thousands with no masks but you still have to wear a mask in supermarkets. It’s just become hilarious at this stage tbh!
  4. JordanK

    Fastlane Summit 2022?

    Completely understandable. Coming from Ireland, I don't think I'd even be able to enter the US without a vaccine in February. If you do go ahead with a late summer event Utah sounds great! Not a destination that I'd ordinary go to without a reason, so it'd be a cool place to explore outside of...
  5. JordanK

    Third stage of the social world is here! Agree?

    I do think the last two years has changed the narrative on Social Media and that we are entering a new phase but not the one that the author of this thread has identified. There was a surge in social media use and hours spent on platforms during the lockdowns. That is now receding and it's...
  6. JordanK

    Extreme inconsistency. Any ideas??

    HOT! IDEA 
    Put the gaming console/pc up for sale and get rid of it.
  7. JordanK

    Extreme inconsistency. Any ideas??

    HOT! IDEA 
    The problem is that you are 18-20 years old with the mindset of a 15/16 year old. Your parents stopped you at the airport? They can't stop you doing anything once you are an adult. You stopped yourself. "They can't boss me around anymore"... dude "I don't wanna leave my parents" Man, you...
  8. JordanK

    Most Efficient Way of Moving Money Across Borders?

    Have you considered opening a EURO account in a different European country?
  9. JordanK

    Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    @MTF The only rules left after the 22nd of October will be: - Need the vaccine/recovery cert to travel, this is an EU thing so our government doesn't have control over that. Although I already have lots of friends who have traveled recently and because the airports are so busy again border...
  10. JordanK

    Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    @David Fitz That's pretty strange. I have been to the cinema a few times since lockdown ended, was never asked. It also seems that bars and restaurants aren't as strict with it anymore too. I have been out a good bit and in the places where they do ask many times I just walk past them as it's a...
  11. JordanK

    World Economy Doomed? What do you think?

    INVESTING Interesting stuff happening in Britain now.
  12. JordanK

    Apartment Valuation Watch

    If you are paying 2100 in rent wouldn't you be better off staying in the unit? Unless of course you plan to buy a second place after the year elapses. Seems like you are reallyyyyy stretching the house hack strategy to fit your personal situation. Might not necessarily be a good idea in a top...
  13. JordanK

    It can be lonely.

    Is it weird that I haven't really come across this issue? Read Rich Dad Poor Dad at 12.. joined this forum at 14 (under my parents account for the first two years) and was running random businesses from age 15 to 19. Eventually settled on Real Estate since then until now (I'm 23). Always been...
  14. JordanK

    Fed Up With Your Country? Where Is Left to Go?

    Ireland just announced an end to the 'Vaccine passport' on the 22nd of October. Kinda funny though that it was required in all the bars, restaurants to eat inside the first few weeks but lately I have been just walking into places and they have stopped asking in most businesses anyways. The...
  15. JordanK

    STOP Paying Rent: Live For Free

    @door123 Kinda hard to find a foreclosure when your state has covid laws that prevent foreclosures at the moment???
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