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Jon Rad

I Consider myself an Entrepreneur since 14 yo

I used to be an 16 Hour a Day Esportler/Gamer
i won some Pricemoney but i figured it isnt for me since i have so much more Potential in Me. (Thats what i like telling myself anyways;)

I`m participating in The Startupteens Buisinessplan-competition in Germany this year and im still in search for a 3 Buisinesspartner.

My almost 10 years older Brother Founded "" and he lets me help him and gives me insights to Ecommerce.

At the moment im completing my (i think) O-Level Education and im hoping to just get trough now since i skipped about 60 days.

Im currently working on a Platform
For booking local appointmens online.
Apr 25, 2001 (Age: 20)
Germany Hessen
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