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  1. Joe Cassandra

    Black_Dragon43's 30-Day Direct Response Copywriting Challenge - JOIN NOW!

    Building a profitable funnel to cold traffic takes a lot of testing...which likely can't get done in 30 days. Most cold traffic actually loses you money on a front-end. It's all about the upsells. To make profit, you need to create engaging front-end and back-end sales letters. To create all...
  2. Joe Cassandra

    HOT TOPIC Where the Economy is Heading (Follow-Up on "The Coming Recession")

    Is he short-term or long-term bearish? Those rentals going belly up would then definitely have to ripple to SFH
  3. Joe Cassandra

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2019-2020?)

    @MJ DeMarco The VIX job losses are probably already built in...we're likely to see heightened VIX until companies finally release data about the damage. Right now, we're seeing the FED and sugar high from the stimulus propping the markets up. Most likely the markets will go up and down...
  4. Joe Cassandra

    HOT TOPIC You copywriters are being replaced by AI..

    That's why I'm starting to invest in real estate :) On a serious note... As a full-time copywriter... I believe AI should be able to do a lot in the next 10 years. For writing should be a breeze for AI. For writing complex sales letters ---> upsells ---> bump offers...that will...
  5. Joe Cassandra

    Switching up slowlane jobs? Real estate a good idea?

    If real estate is cooling off... ...and people are fleeing... Getting into real estate might be the smartest move of your life. Real estate never goes bankrupt.
  6. Joe Cassandra

    OFF-TOPIC Which Movies/Series/TV Shows Are You Watching?

    Since we just had our 3rd child, my shift at night is 3am - 9am with the newborn. (no, she doesn't sleep well). So, there's a lot of binge-watching while staying up with her. In the past month, binged: - The Wire (very good show) - Deadwood (well done, but a bit boring) - Six Feet Under (well...
  7. Joe Cassandra

    GOLD! The MAIN difference between someone who makes 100k /year and someone who makes 1m?

    This is what we're at the beginning stages of at the moment. Funneling all the money into investments that grow in a real estate business. My current business is in a small niche, where even trying to grow an 'agency' would require going after clients outside the niche (as it's so small). I...
  8. Joe Cassandra

    Napoleon Hill likely never studied any millionaires, but this man actually did and published research.

    Funny no one is talking about the 7 traits as those are most important :) 1) Independent vision 2) Active mind 3) Competence and confidence 4) The drive to action 5) Egotistic passion 6) Love of ability in others 7)Virtue It's interesting because it seems to contradict themselves...
  9. Joe Cassandra

    My perspective on Marketing

    Love your idea about becoming "famous" in your city. My wife and I are opening a local business in a few months, and will definitely be using this idea. I don't agree that this type of content marketing is the only way to go. You didn't say that, but there was a mood that paid advertising isn't...
  10. Joe Cassandra

    NOTABLE! 6-Figures In 12 Months Copywriting. Quit Job. Here's How I Did It:

    I understand why you feel that way. I'd challenge you to approach it in a different way. "What are my competitors NOT doing, that I do and/or do better?" Especially if it's something that the client craves're not 'stealing', you're actually helping. Neflix didn't "steal" Blockbuster...
  11. Joe Cassandra

    HOT TOPIC Dealing with porn and other addictions

    When kicking a habit, I find there are really two things to do: 1) Keep busy 2) Think of overcoming it will only take 30 days not your lifetime First --- keep busy --- We slip into destructive habits when we're idle i.e. we don't have something productive to do. Eating bad, not exercising...
  12. Joe Cassandra

    HOT TOPIC Crushing B2B Sales with LinkedIn

    Ugh...this is literally the Linkedin profile of the CMO of a freakin' billion-dollar hotel. "[NAME -3rd person] is an award-winning marketing executive distinguished as a strategist, a deliverer of results and a developer of talent. Recognized as a leader with strong consumer intuition...
  13. Joe Cassandra

    HOT TOPIC Crushing B2B Sales with LinkedIn

    Love the hustle @EarlOfChina :). I used to do this hard core a few years ago when I was in a different niche. My process was similar but a bit simpler. 1) I'd send a connection request (I'd make it more relevant to the industry than "how is the weather?" More like "Hey, we both know X...
  14. Joe Cassandra

    NOTABLE! AMA: Rehabbing & Flipping - Ask Me Anything

    Makes a lot of sense, Jason thanks! Sounds like finding a good HML is a priority. I have a good income and credit, so going the 'small bank' route is also a path for me. And you recommend it in the book. However, it sounds like to close fast on a property, the only options are 1) My own cash...
  15. Joe Cassandra

    EXECUTION Advice Needed For My Cold Email

    Great you're getting into cold email. It can work like gangbusters. With doctors/dentists, it could be a lot harder, to be honest as they're on the go all the time. But still test, test, test. My advice: - It's great you have some proof of your credentials. PLUS - Delete the third...

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