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  • Nice IG Post! I am in business for 2 years now and read TMF 9 months ago! :)
    My main project at the moment is CPA as well and would love to talk to you about that!
    Do you have Skype mate? :)
    Hey M8! While I was researching about Instagram methods and how much money does make users with even 10k followers, I saw one recommendation for your post on some website about marketing. Let be honest, when I saw title I laugh, but I was like 'from every shit you can learn some good things'... full comment/message is on because it has too many characters and limit is on 420 :D
    Hey Jim! I loved your post on Instagram -- really opened my eyes to what is possible! I'm a 20 year old entrepreneur and I'm trying to utilize Instagram, Twitter, and other social networks to build my baseball training brand and make more money. I'd love to talk with you more on how I can grow! Do you have a Skype or email I can reach you at??
    Hey man! I read your Instagram post and let me tell you.. it helped a lot! I did IG way back but I learned a lot of new stuff from your forum post. Anyway, I run affiliate marketing campaigns on twitter and I just want to return back the favor and provide some value for you, since your forum posts helped me. I'm cashing in on Twitter. Would love to help ya get started!

    Cheers my man,
    Thanks man, would love to talk more. Do you have Skype?
    Hey Jim - I'm with a Convert2Media, a CPA network in Orlando. Would be interested to hear more about your IG traffic, and may be able to help you monetize with some of our offers, too. Please add me on Skype: Convert2Kyle.
    Hey congrats on the taking action. I'm in Florida as well. I'm from the Tampa area, where you from?
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