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  1. JByers210

    To the people who use Wix, Shopify, or Wordpress...

    You’re either clueless and just starting out or just a troll. Nothing to see here folks.
  2. JByers210

    What Are You Excited About?

    I just got married and my work vehicle’s engine I’ve depending on for the past few years for my business every day blew out a month before our wedding. With used and new vehicle costs being high and me wanting to challenge myself… I decided to start another business still in furniture but in...
  3. JByers210

    How writing a self assessment word doc helped my business grow

    100%. I’m embracing it as well now and it’s helping me so much. True honesty with myself and being able to say “You’ve tried starting multiple other businesses and they all failed” is what I needed to go to the next level with my current one.
  4. JByers210

    How writing a self assessment word doc helped my business grow

    Hey guys... just wanted to share something with the forum that really helped me and might help a few people out. My business has been doing pretty good and has been this way the past few years... it's been steady. That's the problem though. It hasn't grown much at all and the average numbers...
  5. JByers210

    Prediction: 2021 is going to be a total shit show. Place your bets now.

    Oh you’re so full of wisdom thank you for visiting an entrepreneur forum and leaving your little carefree comment on a post that was actually very thought through and interesting to read.
  6. JByers210

    Shopify Apps

    No. I sold that business so I don’t have a use for it now but I don’t think anyone has solved that problem yet. I would’ve paid for it and still would if I was doing Shopify.
  7. JByers210

    Going for it. Ecommerce.

    I've decided this week to get back into ecommerce while running my current business. I've been trying to figure out how to invest the money I'm making and it hit me.... if I were to invest in what I understand... then it would be another ecom business that can run separate from my time. My...
  8. JByers210

    I Will Teach You How to Copy My Offline Business - Personal Coaching Offer!

    Thanks MJ. Also... after sleeping on the price I decided to change it. Here's the thread
  9. JByers210

    I Will Teach You How to Copy My Offline Business - Personal Coaching Offer!

    Since I’ve updated my ecom progress thread about how things have been going with my switch to the offline business, I’ve had people asking me exactly what it is I do and how to do it. I wasn’t advertising or expecting to coach anyone but after throwing it out there on my thread @Geekour reached...
  10. JByers210

    Going for it. Ecommerce.

    Franchising has been on my mind nonstop lately so I'll check it out. I bought your book on importing when I was running my ecom business and it was worth every penny!
  11. JByers210

    Going for it. Ecommerce.

    Quick update! I have to get my insiders sub back but I'll post it in here for now. I started a thread about how my goal was to get to $10,000+ in a month this year.... I broke it for the first time last month! That may not be something to write home about to big earners here.... but for...
  12. JByers210

    I think after 5 years I quit but what's next?

    HOT! FTE 
    I'm not sure how the local, mostly offline business opportunities are in Australia (if you actually live there)... but check out how @Johnny boy and @GravyBoat are running offline service businesses and killing it. I ran an ecom biz for a few years... I totally committed to my offline hustle...
  13. JByers210

    Opinion: Skipping college is not going to make you fastlane

    Dropped out my first semester a few years ago. Went all in. Starting to hit five figures a month at 21. No debt and I was/am young enough to go through all the trial and error without a family or other responsibilities. If I had to do it all over again... would drop out quicker. Edit: For...
  14. JByers210

    Going for it. Ecommerce.

    Good!! Running a different business now.. I enjoy my current one more and it continues to grow.

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