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    Top 3 self-development books

    Don't waste your time listening to anyone who uses the word "cult" when not referring to a true cult, or without reading the book and trying out the strategies. It's simply sensationalism trying to use fear to get a reaction. And it cuts out a big part of the world in an effort to simplify it so...
  2. HabitsCampaigner

    Am I lacking definite purpose?

    @SteveO I think you have had a purpose; maybe not something you spend weeks or years defining but to live with gusto and enjoying life is a purpose. But Steve's comment brings up another important point: "You don't think your way into action; you act your way into thinking." @Miketing was...
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    GOLD! Can this thread save your life, and perhaps countless others? Yes.

    Here’s my ten-cents… To avoid making such a mistake, make sure you know your top needs and get them met in healthy ways. When I was 18 or 19, I sped off from a stop sign trying to impress a girl in the car. A cop was right there at the intersection and pursued me. In panic, I pulled over too...
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    HOT! How to read book fast?

    Or maybe 3.
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    GOLD! Why success and "living Unscripted" is like winning a rigged carnival game...

    This is key and I struggle with this sometimes. I have identified a part of myself I pushed down most of my life. I call him ‘Killer’ and have to willfully call upon him now. At least I found him; in time to fight the enemies within and without. Oh wow. Amen to that . I was just reading in a...
  6. HabitsCampaigner

    CRYPTO INVESTING To Crypto or No...

    I would also look at what your meaning and purpose is? If it’s tied into your business along with the control benefit, that might be worth investing even more in.
  7. HabitsCampaigner

    INVESTING Managing Money as a recent college graduate [Ideas Needed]

    Are those three: business, real estate and Icos?
  8. HabitsCampaigner

    HOT! Can an entrepreneur ever own a dog?

    That’s great @Antifragile After I wanted to see what it’d be like to do it in reverse order. Always meant to try that since Stephen Covey’s book. I thought about filming something quickly but I don’t have the time - haha… or the golf balls. Then I realized (duh!) someone might have already done...
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    When Life Gives Kids Lemons

    Yeah I debated the other day as I was in ‘saving’ mode. Then I saw how persistent and friendly these kids were. They loved my dogs (major value add) ;-) I got some change and came back. 50 cents for a totally great exchange with the neighbors and some delicious lemonade.
  10. HabitsCampaigner

    HOT! Possible solution to create a non-drinking culture?

    I already don’t drink so I’ll take your $350/year ;-) I love that you also don’t drink but I’m not clear on your solution. You still seem to be out a lot of money. And you’d have to replace this vehicle with another healthier vehicle that meets so many needs. If drinking gives Joe a feeling...
  11. HabitsCampaigner

    INTRO Which book i should read? (14 yo)

    Great point. I’m glad you caught that. I noticed that too earlier in the thread but forgot to mention it. If you want, save the money you’d spend on Millionaire Next Door (unless you can get it for free) and just be frugal as you build your first Productocrasy. By the way Prince, it would not...
  12. HabitsCampaigner

    INTRO Which book i should read? (14 yo)

    Awesome, Prince. Keep up the great work. Read one of those books and let me know how it goes. You will also enjoy Richard Branson’s autobiographies. That guy went through some crazy experiences!
  13. HabitsCampaigner

    OFF-TOPIC this website is so well built.

    What is done to make the management and content so good, on a regular basis?
  14. HabitsCampaigner

    When Life Gives Kids Lemons

    I’m curious…
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