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  1. foodiepersecond

    EXECUTION The Kyle Keegan Radio Show. 200+ Episodes of Epic GOLD

    MJ must really feel comfortable around you since this is the most animated I've seen him in all of the interviews available on Youtube. Congrats to another 200. I got a good bit of catching up to do, so keep on keeping on!
  2. foodiepersecond

    HOT! What do you guys think of Sara Blakely's Masterclass?

    I have watched most of the food section and to have 2 Michelin Star chefs like Gordon Ramsay and Thomas Keller personally teach you techniques is a blessing. Thomas has like 3 classes with 10+ videos each himself and the value is immense. I'll eventually venture out more into the other genres. I...
  3. foodiepersecond

    HOT! “Chat” Suggestion For MJ DeMarco

    I enjoy Discord more for the custom emotes, voice chat rooms, displaying your PC real-time, and a great way to represent various communities. I think its better to keep things contained on this forum alone. Many have mentioned already that other media will split the community up and it would be...
  4. foodiepersecond

    EXECUTION The Kyle Keegan Radio Show. 200+ Episodes of Epic GOLD

    I listen to your show just about every 60 mile ride to/from work and I was shaking in excitement for you. Congrats on the bundle of joy, the 100th episode, and the sponsor. I can't wait to see what the next 100 episodes bring.
  5. foodiepersecond

    HOT! The "Half Baked" Ideas Thread

    Interesting. In Georgia, they just hook it up to some computer while the car is turned on, check the gas cap, and that's about it. No dyno involved. I guess the testing varies state-to-state.
  6. foodiepersecond

    HOT! The "Half Baked" Ideas Thread

    Anyone familiar with emissions tests? Is there a mobile or miniature version of the in-shop computers? I noticed my local grocery store having kiosks to print your tag stickers. It would be neat to have a service where you travel to houses to perform the emissions test and print the tag stickers...
  7. foodiepersecond

    HOT! Reverse yelp. Useful for contractors, service providers, big ticket clients, etc.

    My same train of thought. It would work well with sites that use custom usernames but something that uses actual customer names would probably not work legally.
  8. foodiepersecond

    RANT Udemy censored my tinder texting course

    Omg, please advertise this on Pornhub with the caption "You won't last 5 minutes in this banned course"
  9. foodiepersecond

    HOT! REAL ESTATE How will Coronavirus affect the Real Estate Market

    Excited to see how this plays out in a future podcast :cool:
  10. foodiepersecond

    WEB SCHOOL best video editing software?

    Of the free software available, I've heard good things about DaVinci Resolve. I maybe edited like 1 video with it? I have zero clue about editing and it was pretty user-friendly.
  11. foodiepersecond

    Vegan food business in Italy

    I have been seeing aggressive Facebook ads for the Lakanto Suntella, sunflower based chocolate butter. Is it similar to that?
  12. foodiepersecond

    EXECUTION A sculptor's journey towards the Fastlane

    There seems to be a trend of using deceased pet's ashes in some form of memorabilia. Would it be lucrative to somehow use some or all of their ashes in a sculpture of their exact likeness? There are certainly biological hazards involved but that was my first thought about sculptures other than...
  13. foodiepersecond

    HOT! Freelancing with no skills ?

    You should listen to @Kak podcast with guest @MoneyDoc on a bullish/bearish approach to FBA
  14. foodiepersecond

    EXECUTION The Kyle Keegan Radio Show. 200+ Episodes of Epic GOLD

    You would put this podcast out a month after I stopped doing keto.
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