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  1. Fomo

    School as a business!

    Great ideas there. I appreciate all the feedback
  2. Fomo

    School as a business!

    I don't have a defined age boundary. My goal is to make high quality education much more valuable than the traditional old school, accessible to everyone and anyone. But for a start targeting high school and college students is a great move.
  3. Fomo

    School as a business!

    T Thank you Nick. I like how you put it. "What will you do differently ". Looking at things from that standpoint it will be more of improving customer experience, both on students and teachers side. Building interactive learning tribes and communities rather than classrooms Changing the way...
  4. Fomo

    School as a business!

    I wanted to become a software engineer. But fortunately for me i started learning to code as early as 14. I'm fully self taught and took a few courses online. While in school i noticed a lot of students complain and hate school, why? I certainly don't have the answers. I noticed students love...
  5. Fomo


    Good luck. You'll definitely learn more about money as a day trader. But it's a lot harder to deal with emotions when trading. Making 70% returns in a year is possible but requires a lot of hard work and discipline
  6. Fomo

    I've Read UNSCRIPTED!

    The best book I've ever read. After reading it i didn't feel as if the book was forcing me to pay for some course or buy another as is the case with most busines and finance related books out there. @MJDeMarco he's God sent.
  7. Fomo

    My Dad doesn't believe school is worth it

    I finished from high school last year and I'm currently in the university studying for a computer science degree. But I find it very difficult to proof to my dad that i don't need a CS degree. what I wanted to do after am done with high school is go straight into the work force, level up my tech...

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