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  1. Edgar King

    Ecommerce Vs Agency Vs Freelancing As A Beginner

    Konichiwa! I've never done a proper intro before so here goes... When I was 16, I was introduced to the concept of financial freedom by Hector Quintalla and my friend, the drop shipper. With that initial spark, I went on to read many financial books and stumbled upon the Millionaire Fastlane...
  2. Edgar King

    Writing proposals and how to Advertise your startup agency

    Hey James! Can't offer advice on the proposals, but if you're looking for a freelancer platform that will allow you to register as an agency, Upwork is available. Don't know if Fiverr offers that option though. Best of luck though!
  3. Edgar King

    EXECUTION 21yo University student entrepreneur execution journey thread

    Hehe, looking forward to this! I'd reckon it'd be possible to buy some other data scientists a drink in return for telling you how to become a great data scientist in the shortest amount of time? XD And meet with aspiring data scientists over forums and facebook groups to find their concerns...
  4. Edgar King

    INTRO Which book i should read? (14 yo)

    Hey Prince! After, reading Unscripted, and preferably the Great Rat Race Escape. You'll need a specialised skill that you can monetise. There's a bunch of them out there, but I'd imagine you can't physically go out much? (That's how it was for me anyway). If so, learning an online skill you...
  5. Edgar King

    How Do You Become Aware of Your Own Limiting Beliefs and How Do You Overcome Them?

    Lex, thank you! Sometimes, you know what the problem is because someone tells you and then you can go solve it somehow. But asking how, allows you to 'define' the actual problem. To know where you need to start. Another great piece to add to my problem solving arsenal :)
  6. Edgar King

    HOT! Thoughts on Specialized Skill to learn.

    I've read about some people doing $100K alone on Upwork with their copywriting skills (Case in point: Lex). You'll probably find people in other fields making that amount on the platform. Most freelancers on there that earn low pay do two thing wrong: 1. They devalue themselves 2. They don't...
  7. Edgar King

    New To Blogging Some Advice

    I'd totally recommend using Grammarly. They have a free tool you can install to check your texts for errors, haven't tested the pro version yet though. Combine it with this grammar checker - Online Editor – Grammar Checker (Free) And you're golden on typos! Though, if you don't have the time...
  8. Edgar King

    EXECUTION Conquered Freelancing, Let's See How I Do Scaling an Agency

    Let's GOOOOO If you're building through Linkedin, it might help to boost your domain authority so others see you as an expert. Andy put it like this... To become known for xyz... 1. Post content on xyz 2. Help someone with xyz 3. Be seen helping someone with xyz Doing this might help gain you...
  9. Edgar King

    INTRO I left my job; now I need to build a business

    It definitely looks like freelancing is the way to go. Andy's right, can you outsource your services to platforms like Upwork? And overdeliver enough to charge a premium? If you can do that you can then use that capital to invest in a business.
  10. Edgar King

    Love your profile pic lol! Mob Psycho right?

    Love your profile pic lol! Mob Psycho right?
  11. Edgar King

    EXECUTION Conquered Freelancing, Let's See How I Do Scaling an Agency

    There's a certain appraoch Black Dragon taught to get connects that worked amazing for me. When I tried it, 18/20 digital marketers connected and we're all very happy that I did. It goes like this, "Hey Johnny Bravo, saw your profile and thought it would be cool to connect with a successful...
  12. Edgar King

    HOT! Progression of a 17 year old

    Take it slow man, and heal up. Nice work starting on Upwork and here's to great things to come! Sorry about the agency not paying, I know at first it was an unpaid internship but didn't you clear it up with them the amount they would be paying you for a month's work? If you're copywriting and...
  13. Edgar King

    GOLD! CHAT How many action fakes can the fastlane come up with??

    Use this when you find another forum member action faking... It's rough I know. So here's the original if you want to make your own spin XD
  14. Edgar King

    NOTABLE! E-commerce: $100k in one hour

    If I may add, kopywriting Kourse (Who wrote emails for AppSumo) once highlighted you should write 70% value, 30% sell at the very least for an effective email campaign. I've found the AIDA template to be of great use to achieve that. And Recommend this article in demonstrating a value first...
  15. Edgar King

    INTRO Attempting to Build A Productocracy [Niche > Problem > Pre-sell > Solution]

    Start Your Own 90 Day Challenge Profit Generated: $400+/$1000 goal Zooweemama! How I'd Reach $1k The me in the first 5,30,50 days of this challenge was such a NOOB. Thanks to all of the awesome members on here who helped me to achieve this! I ask myself, "Why didn't I think of this...
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