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  1. Duane

    HOT! Need some business ideas! :)

    Mobile home parks would also be tough. You'd likely need a partner to have the cash to make the purchase, need someone that can find a good deal, and time to make the improvements. Likely won't work initially as your pay the bills income. Sounds like the bread routes lack control and/or...
  2. Duane

    HOT! Need some business ideas! :)

    A 38% return on an established, primarily passive investment is going to be tough to find without any value add. 10-15% is more realistic .
  3. Duane

    If I save up a few thousand dollars, what can I buy that I would use to provide a service or produce a good?

    Your going about this backwards. You can't think of money first, you need to think of how you can solve other people's problems. When you start diving into other people's complaints and issues, you'll find a lot of ideas and directions on products/services you can create that will solve them.
  4. Duane

    Exceptionality in Competitive vs. Less Competitive Market

    I think competition isn't as important as demand for what you're selling. I'd rather be in a highly competitive, high demand market, than a low competition, yet low demand market.
  5. Duane

    [Help Requested ] How do you go about marketing as a local business?

    That will happen, but the more you get burned, the better your hiring process will become. Giving up because of a few bad eggs will only stunt your growth.
  6. Duane

    [Help Requested ] How do you go about marketing as a local business?

    If your marketing skills aren't that great, outsource it to someone that knows what they are doing. I've found Craigslist does not have many top tier clients, just ppl looking for rock bottom prices. It's an avenue that can be pursued, but it's not the first place I would go if my marketing...
  7. Duane

    GOLD! A new marketing tool I'm using with ridiculous ROI

    This is great stuff to add gas to the fire. It's a great way to expand into new areas without having to do as much leg work upfront as well. Find struggling businesses in hot areas, buy them out for pennies on the dollar and rebrand/remodel it under your company.
  8. Duane

    App Reccommendation: MileIQ

    Mileage write offs is very nice, but just a side note.. If your business has more than 4 vehicles being driven, you can't write off mileage as you're considered a fleet.
  9. Duane

    Commercial Contractors (Idea Feedback)

    I want my contracts created by a lawyer or the Builder's Association, are you going to have a team of lawyers to write these up and adjust as needed? Are you going to be cheaper or better in some way at this? Same thing applies to reviewing customer contracts if I don't understand it. My team...
  10. Duane

    RANT Just been abused by a toxic client.

    The service industry doesn't suck, just some people in it. It's like that in every industry. The book pumpkin plan is a great read for getting rid of these kinds of people. Provide a premium service, charge a premium price, charge upfront, and don't give deals where it isn't deserved. Sure...
  11. Duane

    National science foundation seed funding

    No I haven't heard of this one in particular, but I have gotten similar funding for my energy startup. The government/private funding we got was nice and paid for everything, and they took 0 equity or control in my company, decision making, and purchases. However, to do the kind of research I...
  12. Duane

    GOLD! Text / SMS Marketing, Any Case Studies from Fastlaners?

    Service Industry guy here.. I've found customer acquisition is best done by phone call, but some people don't like phone calls, so we have it setup to where you can text our company right from our google listing. Most services we can quote with just a picture, so customers text us pictures...
  13. Duane

    HOT! The Poor Man I Cant get a job: Flipping Stuff Log

    OP you need to read this about 10 times over. You don't try to run when you can't even crawl. You don't try to build the multi-million dollar, legacy business when you can't consistently make a profit flipping low priced items. From what it seems, the problem is you want to build a high...
  14. Duane

    Can you guys critique my google and fb ads

    And you want that in the big font at the top. That's what people are going to read. 48 hours or it's free will definitely grab my attention and click on your website
  15. Duane

    Can you guys critique my google and fb ads

    Your ad should be laser focused on one service. Advertising for 3 separate services is casting a wide net and won't yield good on your conversions. The less you perform, the more you pay and less your shown vs your competition. I would focus all of my marketing efforts and dollars on the one...
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