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  1. Drew D

    I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Where did my badge go? I had it in 2017 lol. RIP
  2. Drew D

    Allow me to introduce myself..

    I think you both have some explaining to do... I kid, lol. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Drew D

    We provide excellent CUSTOMER disSERVICE!

    Here you go (stolen from reddit)
  4. Drew D

    What I'd do if I was 18

    Is $900 a week really attainable without a degree? Most of the job postings on eslcafe are 2000-2500 USD. A lot of them also require a bachelor's degree to make more. I have 1 year community college experience in a teaching program (dropped out) and some teaching experience that could...
  5. Drew D

    SUCCESS STORY: Biophase

    Beautiful. The one thing I want is a nice patio view like that.
  6. Drew D

    Best new car research website! (How NOT to ask/take advice)

    I don't know why tried. I bet he'd disregard advice from Bill Gates if given the opportunity. "No Bill you're wrong. This site will be worth billions just watch!!"
  7. Drew D

    Best new car research website! (How NOT to ask/take advice)

    Haha the one thing you took away from my post was whether you had competitors or not. The point was no one wants to watch a time consuming tutorial on how to use your site when the whole entire reason for your site is to research something in a few minutes.
  8. Drew D

    Best new car research website! (How NOT to ask/take advice)

    As soon as someone sees they have to watch a tutorial to figure out how to navigate your site they are going to back out and go right to your competitor.
  9. Drew D

    Toronto MeetUp

    Why did I stop getting notifications for this thread? I'm subscribed to the thread.. Unfortunately my slowlane job won't allow me to be present (ffs) but by next meet up I'll be fully self employed, so looking forward to then. Have fun guys.
  10. Drew D

    Creating online courses

    Thanks. I looked all over google and the articles were suggesting Udemy which isn't the kind of courses I'm referring too. The one you linked is more what I'm looking for. Teachable is another similar one I found.
  11. Drew D

    Creating online courses

    Hijacking thread for a sec. Anyone know what website/software people use for courses?
  12. Drew D

    Toronto MeetUp

    Id be down. Drop a date and I'll see if I can fit it in my schedule.
  13. Drew D

    This guy hates rich people

    This reminds me of the chapter of MJ's book about choices. They chose to work at a factory, knowing they aren't going to make shit. I worked at a factory not long ago knowing I was going to make no more than min. wage.
  14. Drew D

    This guy hates rich people

    I hope this is the right section, but this guy is a solid example of a sidewalker mindset.
  15. Drew D

    Rich Kids Go Shopping [Video]

    Not hating on the people in the video because I don't care what others have, and good for them, but there are non millionaires on this forum considered more successful than these millionaires, imo. Also why are all these young people (teens and young adults) lying saying they became a...

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