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    EXECUTION Creating a YouTube Channel to Document my Challenge of building a SaaS business in 12 months

    [Update @ ~90 day mark] How my last 2 months went: I had a pretty busy period with things going on in life + going on a vacation, so I didn’t do as much as I wanted. My average time between video uploads has been increasing. However, I did upload 3 videos (1 each from programming, random &...
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    INTRO The Value of Freedom is more valuable than all forms of currency combined.

    Holy shite Matt... do you know what paragraphs are? Haha On a more serious level ... That's a pretty interesting and (so far) impressive story there. Apart from being a bit hard to read, I'm really curious to see how your product invention will turn out. Seems like you had some mental fear...
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    MEETUPS Anyone from Austria, Vienna

    Sorry for reviving an old thread... I'm also based in Vienna and it would be super cooool to meet some people who are also "striving to become Fastlaners" (or Fastlaners) here. Not sure if anyone in this thread is still around? Maybe some more recent people have also joined?
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    EXECUTION Creating a YouTube Channel to Document my Challenge of building a SaaS business in 12 months

    [UPDATE] How my first month (well... 3.5 weeks) went: I produced 3 videos. One from each of the following areas: - Programming - SaaS business challenge - Random As far as I’m concerned… they were all duds (well I shouldn’t comment on the SaaS one yet as it’s recently released)! So far...
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    WEB SCHOOL Exiting the cubicle farm and taking Web-Design full time

    Well done for all the things you've put into motion and also for starting this thread! I'm looking forward to following your journey and seeing great things out of this. You got this man!
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    EXECUTION Creating a YouTube Channel to Document my Challenge of building a SaaS business in 12 months

    Hello everyone! I haven't been very active on this forum, but thought I'd try to contribute by sharing my latest adventure. A Short Introduction: My name is David, 32 and currently I’m living in Vienna, Austria (at least for now and no, I don’t speak any German... haha). I've spent most of my...
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    Looking for peers: absolute beasts in full stack software engineering

    Hey André! What's up? 2 of my interests are programming and entrepreneurship! I've actually come across loads of people (mostly online & some offline) who are/were developers, and have turned into entrepreneurs. Unfortunately, I don't have any good friends (only a few acquaintances) that...
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    MEETUPS Accountability/Mastermind group (virtual)

    We still have a couple open spots available in our group if anyone is interested. We are looking for 1-2 more people who will participate and take action on creating a business from scratch. So far the group has a really positive atmosphere to it. It helps us with motivation, collaboration...
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    MEETUPS Accountability/Mastermind group (virtual)

    Awesome! Sent all of you some PM's. As Siddhartha mentioned, it was a really great first chat. I found it awesome chatting with someone equally, or even more, passionate about business/entrepreneurship, who is well read, knowledgeable and has taken action in the past. I feel it will be a great...
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    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I've read The Millionaire Fastlane several years back! It was a really great book packed with a lot of solid information and without much fluff. This was actually the first book that I decided to read after a long time of not reading anything and I'm super glad I picked this book. It completely...
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    MEETUPS Accountability/Mastermind group (virtual)

    Sure @FierceRacoon To explain a bit more. I've read The Millionare Fastlane several years ago. It has completely adjusted my mindset and almost to the point where it is hard to be content with life not making it as an entrepreneur. I've absorbed a lot of knowledge on business, and it's...
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    MEETUPS Accountability/Mastermind group (virtual)

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to create a small 3-5 person mastermind/accountability group where we all have a common aim (start a successful online business from scratch). In the past I've tried doing things on my own and it gets lonely/tough not having people to talk through the obstacles you need...
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