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    OFF-TOPIC How Long Do You Keep Your Cellphone

    I use Xiaomi. Around 3 years old, pure gold. To be honest when I was deciding if i should buy it... I was worried 150$ looked like gimmick to me. But i did understood that all those huge companies spend shitload of money on advertising ,price is 10x higher oh well... and to be honest its more...
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    O/T: HEALTH Improving my sleep

    Great topic! I try to stay away from all this tech gadgets. The best thing is to just avoid them. If we could sleep well before all this techonlogy gadgets etc. we can do also today, but that's just my opinion after all. I need to fix my sleep too, as I really like to work late and if I work...
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    INTRO 19 Years Old and wanting out of the rat race.

    I think I've read fastlane somewhere your age too, but I was also doing all kind of different stuff before. Failed miserably so many times. Here are my advices : - Start doing and don't read to much blog post / articles. ( at the start I was wasting too much time reading all gurus, not...
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    ️ How To Spend $6,914.70 And Generate $69,691.00 In Revenue With Pinterest Ads!

    Thanks for this. I'm also waiting for reply from Sanj. I thought that Pinterest would be good once I launch new business. Seems like you saved me some money + time for sure :) Meanwhile I need to do some research about this. ** Conclusion based on what I've read is that they Pinterest does not...
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    ️ How To Spend $6,914.70 And Generate $69,691.00 In Revenue With Pinterest Ads!

    Golden post, I need to try this when I launch new business idea. Do you have any experience with Tik Tok advertising, Snapchat? So far they are accepting only "big" publishers to test everything out, as far as I heard you need to be invited and have at least 10.000$ monthly spend. ... and maybe...
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    Turning my viral Youtube video into a Productocracy

    My two cents. Don't take viral video for granted. One day it will fade and having huge inventory can hurt, big time. ( trying to find shark tank video to one that happened exactly that) What if you would make a roller coaster DIY not for people, just "small" roads/tracks that you can have fun...
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    Payment Providers WITHOUT A Holding Period?

    Stripe and Braintree. Braintree usually takes time to get approved. Would recommend Stripe.
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    HOT TOPIC Who here has quit social media?

    As a facebook marketer I need to use it, but I do have 2 accounts where I don't have friends on. All this is made for security reasons... if one ad acc. gets blocked I have backup plan etc. + I use Chrome plugin to block newsfeed. + No messenger on cellphone. (waste of time) So I basically...
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    SELL ME SAT Self-Promotion: Post Your Offer, Biz, Links to The Forum (February 2020)

    Business owners, eCommerce, lead generation. Having trouble with facebook ads? Using best solution practices of media buy. What I can help you with is Facebook advertising, optimizing, scaling for maximum return of investment. Let's jump on a call to discuss your company's objective.
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    Advanced Marketer can't get online job.

    Thanks for that, right now I just don't know where to start. Well I will manage to go through that. Maybe having some kind of monthly achievement goals, wouldn't be bad.
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    Advanced Marketer can't get online job.

    Thanks for this feedback. I will really need to work on this communication part and explaining better what i do. Are there any good books that you would recommend to read?
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    Advanced Marketer can't get online job.

    Thanks. Interesting, I kinda agree. So basically focusing on skills and now much about how much spending and all other factors... and I'll be good to go. By the way I checked this Upwork thing. Now they have this kind of connections (tokens) that you need to purchase, before that you get few...
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    Advanced Marketer can't get online job.

    Yes, I have. Not fully updated need to add a few things.
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    Website feedback

    A little late reply :) as someone said Siteground, I do higly recommend it too. (plus they've got amazing support).
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    Website feedback

    As someone said, your best bet is 100% Wordpress with Elementor drag and drop builder. But regarding membership site there are many things to consider, if you want to have membership access you could go with : Teachable, Kartra, Thinkific (my favourite is 3rd)

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