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I can always relate to the main character in Slumdog Millionaire...he is on " Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" and he knows all the answers because of a life experience he had in the past, not because he read something on that topic or because he took a specific course. Not that I know all the answers! Not at all. I just realized that thinking your way out of situations is more valuable than applying conventional methods most of the time, and that applying lessons learned in life is more valuable than a paid-for education.
I've been on my own since a very young age so knowing how to hustle has meant having food on my plate and a roof over my head in the past. As a young adult, I never had career aspirations. I didn't want to be an office manager, a hairstylist, a dentist...I wanted to be a business owner ~ rich and happy. I've had various jobs, dabbled in different industries. Having a boss, not my thing. I have to wait till what time to eat my snack?? LOL, no thanks. Never lasted too long anywhere I worked. I guess I want to live life on my own terms. Especially since I figured out my own ways of doing things are better than those imposed upon me by society, bosses, so-called authority figures, demanding family members with out of touch expectations~ mostly due to their own Egos and love of image.
So one day I came across a book on Goal-Setting. It made me really think. One question it asked..What amount would you want MONTHLY to make you feel free. No limits. Just let yourself dream and say the amount, write it down. So that made me think. My amount was BIG. Maybe 5, 6 times the amount the average person would think is a lot of money per month. Okay so I dream BIG.
I started reading and listening to everything I could to get a real financial education. I never believed in the stock market or in 401K's. More like royalties. Best-Seller books. Inventions.
Nobody close to me understood my perspective. Parents, siblings, spouse..all try to keep me "grounded', in a bad sense. I believe you can live a great life. Even coming from a spot where maybe most would be discouraged, I still see the silver lining. If you have the brains, the vision, the perseverance, it will come to pass.
I am here to connect and share, to give and receive support.
Being surrounded by like-mined individuals can be the make-it or break-it factor. Thank you MJ for this platform!
Hello all, we are in this together!
Toronto, Canada
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Full-time mom of two and e-commerce entrepreneur




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