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    INTRO Reforming Sidewalker

    Thanks for sharing Khoa. I'll like to think of the losses as a large investment in your financial education. It is the reason you are here, and will serve as reminder of the things not to do. Enjoy the journey ...
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    INTRO Reforming Sidewalker

    You are welcome Khoa - very interesting backstory. I'm quite new myself and have found the forum very informative, I think you'll make the most out of it. Can you please share on how you lost millions? Seems quite intriguing...
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    O/T: HEALTH Can't keep my sleep regulated

    Careful down this road of grinding 24/7, as in the long run it's not sustainable and will lead to at best; hating the thought of hard work as you'll constantly associate it with these sleep side effects, or at worst; ill health will develop over time. You are better off setting a work schedule...
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    INTRO New member

    Thank you Brother - I need that.
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    INTRO New member

    Hi All, My background has been in the Rail Transport industry as a Programme manager, and I currently earn a great living. I only say 'great' because it affords my family and I the freedom & time to live consciously, and we've been very lucky to be surrounded by good people and close family - I...
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    INTRO Merging Pediatrics with being a life coach as well

    Hi Cecilia, How has your progress been towards your mission? it sounds very worthy indeed.

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