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  1. Chx

    What Is So Hard About Entrepreneurship?

    Holy sh*t man! How did you get out of that one, if at all?
  2. Chx

    Has anyone worked with a Life Coach? - Survey

    Selection bias. What type of person is most likely to click on a thread titled "Has anyone worked with a life coach"?
  3. Chx

    100 / 2020

    Thanks for the recommendation. I'll take a look.
  4. Chx

    100 / 2020

    Waking up at 5:30 AM. I've been on-and-off with this habit for years now and it's time to finally lock it in. Waking up at this time for 90+ days would be a win for me. I've hired a coach to help me through the first month, from then on it will be up to me. Bonus habit: Staying more engaged...
  5. Chx

    Leadership Lessons From the Bottom: A Freelancer's Perspective

    100% agree on your first point. For me it comes down to whether you're working into an abyss or not. Are your efforts and troubles being recognized and addressed? If not, there's a problem. On your second point, about outsourcing personal leadership, it depends on the size of the business and...
  6. Chx

    Is this Pi Network a fastlane approach?

    What value are you providing by clicking once a day? If you're having trouble seeing the value (like I am, from your description at least) then it's probably not a fastlane approach. Edit: I'm looking at the video on their site and they say that you'll "leverage your existing social...
  7. Chx

    Leadership Lessons From the Bottom: A Freelancer's Perspective

    It was a tough decision. Starting out as a freelancer, rather than going straight into a scalable business. It went against much of the advice here — bypassing CENTS for my first venture. I dream of being a leader. A visionary. Shaping the world through business, taking care of my employees...
  8. Chx

    Opinion: Skipping college is not going to make you fastlane

    As a high school junior, the college shitstorm is coming to me at full blast. I'm starting to see how much of a Scripted dogma it really is. Nowadays, all my friends and peers talk about is college admissions. They talk about which teachers write the best letter of recommendation. They ask...
  9. Chx

    Should I go to college or start my own business?

    You have until May (?) to decide. So start something now. You'll probably fail, but the experience will give you a lot more clarity on what you actually want in career and life. Also - if you have 35k in savings and good grades & scores you can probably figure out some way to go to college for...
  10. Chx


    I stopped posting in this thread and trying to track my habits altogether (I was also trying to do it in a journal) because I wasn't seeing any tangible results from it. Yes, it 'felt good' to track everything, and it made me feel super important. But I thought my habits would automatically...
  11. Chx

    The Toxic World of Self-Help (Video)

    It all comes down to taking action, like many here have said. Loads of successful entrepreneurs, such as Designpickle CEO Russ Perry, have said that they've invested six-figures plus on self improvement coaching/seminars/etc. It works for them because these guys are proven action takers...
  12. Chx

    Kill Bigger Incubator

    Just sent mine in!
  13. Chx

    How To Market and Product Launch/Research On Reddit?

    This reddit ad was received very well. Relate to your prospects and give them what they want. It's notably easier for a minecraft product on Reddit to do that, but this shouldn't be too much of a stretch unless your product is garbage. Reddit users are people too, and all people want things.
  14. Chx

    Cold emailing businesses and getting no respone

    Try Frankly there are fewer copy jobs there than Upwork and clients tend to pay less. But if you can write coherent English you're already beating 75% of the 'copywriters' there. I wouldn't recommend the platform to any seasoned copywriter. But when I was completely new to the...
  15. Chx


    Business (time) Wake up (time) Nofap (days) Exercise (time) Planning (y/n) Mon 4/20/20 40m 7:30AM 94 5m Y Tue 4/21/20 4h 7:30AM 95 90m y Wed 4/22/20 Thu 4/23/20 Fri 4/24/20 Sat 4/25/20 Sun 4/26/20

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