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  1. Chris McCarron

    INTRO $30m business and I'm just a bitch

    Don't view your job as a job. It's a means to finance your own company and provides resources for you to invest. You're also in a key position to put into place all the things that are clearly missing with the company's culture
  2. Chris McCarron

    WEB SCHOOL Ensuring and communicating results with a client!

    Every business and every industry is different. Some businesses sell stuff people want. Some businesses sell something nobody wants. Regardless of confidence or a belief in a particular business, you can't ethically promise you'll get them set results.
  3. Chris McCarron

    WEB SCHOOL Ensuring and communicating results with a client!

    You can be ultra-confident and have a long history of results, testimonials, etc that you can show to a potential client. Every agency does this and this is why so many of them use case studies. From an ethical standpoint, you can't promise anything other than the delivery of the agreed work...
  4. Chris McCarron

    How to find Business Coach/Mentor

    I know someone who is shit hot at helping practices. Let me know if you want me to forward you their details.
  5. Chris McCarron

    WEB SCHOOL Ensuring and communicating results with a client!

    You can't assure anything. Your job isn't to validate a business, but instead you make it easier to get sales. One way around this is to say: "we did x, y and z for a similar client and we got them this result. We can't promise you similar success, but what I can say is that if there's a...
  6. Chris McCarron

    WEB SCHOOL E-Mail Marketing Agency (Not Webdesign, but same Principles apply)

    Hey I own GoGoChimp and we help clients with email marketing and conversion rate optimization. Reach out anytime if you want to connect.
  7. Chris McCarron

    How do I increase the income on a gaming blog I own?

    Hey I had a movie website that used to get around 180k visitors per day. Do an SEO audit, get more backlinks and promote the hell out of the website. Good sources of traffic are social media groups, forums and Reddit. Start pumping out video content and within that content actively promote...
  8. Chris McCarron

    Content writing and digital marketing. A good combo?

    I would stay away from content marketing unless it's marketing content. The reason is that a number of AI companies are pumping out tools to write and create content that is as good (if not better) as most journalists and content writers.
  9. Chris McCarron

    WEB SCHOOL This landing page is converting like crazy and here's why

    Quick update to say that the Flikli landing page has had two changes made to it: There's an updated 2021 showreel A new pricing guide has been added and has the same branding as the landing page Click here if you want to check out Flikli's landing page Click here to check out more of my...
  10. Chris McCarron

    EXECUTION Growing A Youtube Channel From Scratch

    Also do research on what people are looking for including how competitive it is.
  11. Chris McCarron

    EXECUTION Growing A Youtube Channel From Scratch

    There's a number of things that influence rankings on YT including those that you highlighted. I noticed that you're not using tags, keywords aren't in the description and you haven't promoted it on social media. YT will improve your rankings based on how many links and embeds your videos...
  12. Chris McCarron

    EXECUTION Shopify and payment processing

    You're getting way ahead of yourself and the reality is that you'll need to use something to process payments. Can you be suspended for having an opinion that differs from the company processing your payments? Yes and as insane as that is, it won't happen unless you're very high profile, doing...
  13. Chris McCarron

    Need some business ideas! :)

    Thanks man. Appreciate it.
  14. Chris McCarron

    Need some business ideas! :)

    There are other websites that verify revenue, ad spend etc. For the life of me I can't remember the name of it, but its very well-known.
  15. Chris McCarron

    Need some business ideas! :)

    There's new products all of the time and there are certainly niches that are doing well with little competition. Check out Aliexpress and then filter by number sold. For example this smart GPS tracker for pets: 2.84US $ 5% OFF|Pet Smart GPS Tracker Mini Anti Lost Waterproof Bluetooth Locator...
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