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    HOT TOPIC Make money with B2B ecommerce, even with just 1 product

    I also looking for some good books about negotiation method to learn. Can you give a recommendation? Thanks.
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    HOT TOPIC I don't care about money

    "I don't care about money" Same stupid words I've said when I was at your age.
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    HOT TOPIC Fiance is calling my business "his/our" business, threatening to sue me

    You guys can't advice OP to leave her "handsome" surgeon because he is live in her mind. Don't you see it? The surgeon is her other personality or vice versa.
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    HOT TOPIC Plant-Based Opportunities / Vegan Business Opportunities

    Many vegetarian frozen foods in our country mainly came from China or Taiwan. I believe those "meat" contain lots of preservative and artificial flavorings.
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    INTRO Every Millionaire Should Read This Intro!!

    Good story. Not gonna trust it 100% though. Lol. Nice to meet you.
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    NOTABLE! My attempt at creating a brand by selling on Amazon

    Since you no longer interested into your product maybe it's time to reveal what exactly you're selling.
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    NOTABLE! My attempt at creating a brand by selling on Amazon

    @UrbanLegend, Do you also ran social media to push sales?
  8. chevenix

    INTRO $55,000 in One Month - How I've Risen and Fallen Over & Over

    You said about "big products from china to sell". May I know what products? Edit: I'm not from US btw :)
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