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    Movies about money?

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    Patent Already Exists For My Idea?

    A patent clerk is less expensive and has at least the same level of patent search expertise.
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    INTRO 65 year old beginner

    Hi Jaxon, well with a thread title like that, my guess is that several hundred people here beyond forty-nine years old are feeling a little better. I'm closer to your age than to the teen prodigies. What do you mean by "A Beginner?" Cheers.
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    HOT TOPIC Atlas Shrugged Week 1: Ch 1-2

    What? The Hollywood divorce? :oops:! Edit: Whew! Thanks @BizyDad .
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    HOT TOPIC Atlas Shrugged Week 1: Ch 1-2

    How did you know this? Edit: SPOILER ALERT! DO NOT READ
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    HOT TOPIC What business would you start with $50,000 to help save bees

    Manmade bee houses are "deadly to bees" according to bee researches and bee keepers.
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    HOT TOPIC Atlas Shrugged Week 1: Ch 1-2

    This comparison between the ambitious or woke, and those who just seem to have had their own internal flame put out, is right on. Lillian and Hank's mom have not only chosen to be aimless and insignificant, they actually elevate these qualities above the creative and effectuating energies of the...
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    HOT TOPIC Atlas Shrugged Week 1: Ch 1-2

    Yea, if you say so Aluminium Contributor (hilarious). I didn't read it. I think the second railroad network was fired up by Rockefeller while road networks and also transport trucks came up in the 1930s.
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    HOT TOPIC Atlas Shrugged Week 1: Ch 1-2

    Jim Taggert has to be played by Brad Pitt. Pitt is the greatest clown of our time. He takes a straight role and plays pure stereotype. Check out Pitt in Tarantino's "Inglorious Basterds."
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    HOT TOPIC Atlas Shrugged Week 1: Ch 1-2

    - The parallel universe in Rand's fiction is technically called dystopian fiction. Dystopia - opposite of utopia. Dystopian fiction first took hold as a genre in 19th century Russian literature. Orwell, Sinclair, and others adopted it worldwide. One branch evolved into science fiction and...
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    Any HEALTH/WELLNESS entrepreneurs out there??

    The National Institute of Health NIH supports $39 billion in research funding annually. Easiest way to get NIH funding if you don't have a strong business track record is to approach a university and ask for the research to be done under a grant you partner on, in return for your offering...
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    HOT TOPIC Tricky subject (Gun/weapon training)

    Probably you've mistranslated English. Semantic rules are hardest to follow in conversational prose, such as social media and emails. If that's not the problem, let's review the PO's intention here, then apply the original definition of a troll: TROLL noun: one who fishes by trailing a lure or...
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    HOT TOPIC Tricky subject (Gun/weapon training)

    This is visionary. @johnnyboy always sees the big picture.
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    HOT TOPIC Tricky subject (Gun/weapon training)

    I like your book idea alot! I know my daughter would buy a copy, or I'd buy it for her. You have a lot of information to offer a very special niche - or overlapping niches. There is no justification for burying all of it in pages of text on websites, and there is no way a prospective gun owner...

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