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Sep 9, 2014
Aug 27, 2007
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Phoenix, AZ
No Job. Ever. Again.


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Sep 9, 2014
    1. AroundTheWorld
      you still around these parts?
    2. Alana
      Thanks so much for the response! Do you have a website for your product?

      I’m in a bit of a unique situation because I live in an extremely remote area and am currently snowed in until May-ish; I’m cut off from any postal service, paved road, etc.

      I have a very simple product that I’m hoping to license---or at least get some companies to consider. I’ve read “One Simple Idea’ and went ahead to file for a PPA and get my NDA in order…but I’m in a state of a limbo now on account that I contacted about 10 suppliers/manufacturers but none have gotten back to me (and this was a few weeks ago…). Now I’m just wondering if I should have a better artist rendition of the product so that when/if I do get a manufacturer to give me the time of day, I’ll have professional images (because right now all I have is photos of a very basic mock prototype and drawings I did on my simple Word Paint). It’s all a learning curve I suppose…

      Thank you again for the response!
    3. Alana
      Hi BeingChewsie,

      I (vaguely) remember you posting something this past week about your experience getting a product manufactured. You simply went into various businesses that you thought could possibly produce your product and asked them straight up. Do you mind elaborating and/or telling me what your product was, or at least how simple (or complex) the design/materials are? I’m in the beginning stages of finding a manufacturer for a fairly simple idea/design and just like to hear what others have done. No hurt feelings should you choose not to respond. Thanks--Alana
    4. Whole Paradigm
      Whole Paradigm
      That's fantastic news! Congrats!

      I too am overwhelmed but probably for different reasons. I am in the building stages of my website and have no experience whatsoever on coding or design. So as of today, I have about 23 different books on HTML, CSS, PHP, MySql, etc. Quite overwhelming. I'd pay someone else to do it but finding both functional and great design for cheap has been hard to come by.
    5. Whole Paradigm
      Whole Paradigm
      Hey just checkin to see how things are going for you and the business. Good I hope.

      All the best,

    6. MJ DeMarco
      MJ DeMarco
      Please PM me your address so I can send you the $50 Gift Card for winning the contest! I will message you the restaurant choices within 24 hours. Thx and congrats!!
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