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    Online Marketplace

    Oh Thanks for the response! I will check them out at once as I am finding some limitations with ShareTribe.
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    Online Marketplace

    Hello everyone, Does anyone have any experience in using Sharetribe or something similar to it to setup an online marketplace? I have been working with setting up a Sharetribe Marketplace to get my site up quickly & want to migrate to something with many more options once I get it up and...
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    Is anyone a sql guru?

    Hey everyone, I am in the process of database creation. Are there any SQL experts on the forum? Looking for some input. Thanks in advance, Alaina
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    Started my Fastlane Journey!!!

    That will be coming soon! Thanks for your reply...
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    O/T: HEALTH How often do you guys exercise?

    Yoga & Tai Chi 5-6 times a week - keeps the mind sharp, peaceful, & the stress level low. That & healthy food... :-)
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    Started my Fastlane Journey!!!

    Update - I have been working diligently at getting the database model right for our website. I have also made some contacts for high profile Digital Marketing help. I am waiting on contacting them until my prototype of the website & app is complete.
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    Just finished Unscripted... Full of very beneficial information & lessons! Thanks much, Alaina
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    How I reduced the amount of time I waste online

    I also just started using the Do Not Disturb on my iPhone which Apple really meant for driving, when I start working. It will auto-respond to my text messages saying I am away from the phone and will answer when I return. I find I waste so much time getting torn off topic by answering texts &...
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    Started my Fastlane Journey!!!

    Happy to report I am still on track. My app for the website is in preliminary design stage and we are using Adobe Xd to get a working prototype. Still entering lots of database info.
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    How I reduced the amount of time I waste online

    This is really helpful. I find myself doing the same thing. I will logout of Facebook, IG & all of that & still find an excuse to log back in & waste time. I turned off my cable tv years ago but then found I wasted time in Netflix so I just got rid of that too! Thanks for tip LeechBlock - I...
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    Started my Fastlane Journey!!!

    I have read Fastlane & am now halfway through Unscripted. I have been a slow lane entrepreneur for many years now, having started multiple do what you love businesses. Before the corona fun I played music 2-3 nights a week making $150 a night as a do what you love venture. I became very picky...
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    Thanks Nick - that's my next move.
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    Thanks for all of your advice. I am the queen of living frugally & saving. Once you live making money playing music for a living you can make $100 go a long way! Just trying to direct my savings to the right place.

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