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    Side hustle pricing. What's the value of your free time?

    I was pretty far from thinking about something entrepreneurial back then, so it didn't bother me. The motivation mostly was to help friends, and/or get some quick cash. Only in the last project, I've actually negotiated a % of the equity besides the payment. That was after reading both TMF and...
  2. astr0

    INTRO Can coaching be fastlane?

    Trying to go Fastlane greatly limits the options and makes you think you need something special. It may also put you in analysis paralysis by jumping between ideas and constantly evaluating "Is this Fastlane?", "How about this one?" and so on. Fastlane is more about the mindset than about the...
  3. astr0

    INTRO Can coaching be fastlane?

    Well, some types of coaching may be scaled in pricing. That will always require your time, but you can pivot to info-products later on. I would suggest not chase Fastlane if your goal is to get out of the financial hole after trading. Pick one thing that works for other people and stick to it.
  4. astr0

    Side hustle pricing. What's the value of your free time?

    Yes, you have to consider both the value you bring to them and hours on your side. On your side, it's completely clear and you do have to charge more than what's you get paid on 9-5. From their perspective, everything isn't that simple. Besides the value they will get from the results of your...
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    EXECUTION Failure is not an option

    Three months update The NDA project is back on track. One of my current business partners left the project when things weren't going well and got 2*X for his equity, another one later when everything was even worse due to COVID lockdowns and got X. I've stayed cause I was from the very...
  6. astr0

    If you had 2 months to learn a skill, that adds value and makes you money, what would you learn?

    Almost the same here, in Ukraine. It seems common for most developing countries. You can't raise prices cause of the competition and cause your clients would simply do everything themselves if that's too expensive for them. I've noticed that product businesses and commerce/e-commerce are still...
  7. astr0

    OFF-TOPIC Happy Birthday MJ DeMarco

    Happy Birthday, MJ! Your books and this forum have made the world a better place. Wish you great health, all the happiness you deserved, and to continue having fun from what you do!
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    Product vs Service - Which Do you Prefer to Sell?

    Both of your friends would love digital products. No inventory. No importing. No investments to purchase inventory and the servers are quite cheap. No phone calls. Minimal customer service. No shipping. A big investment upfront to create the product and some relatively low recurring...
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    GOLD! How great is your business idea from a CENTS perspective? Find out instantly...

    Got this for my current business: In my humble opinion it's a bit underrated, as...
  10. astr0

    If you had 2 months to learn a skill, that adds value and makes you money, what would you learn?

    Marketing and/or Sales. Maybe also human psychology. Yes, and you'll usually get what you've paid for. Unless it's something extremely simple to code, of course.
  11. astr0

    EXECUTION Failure is not an option

    Weekly Update We've signed the contract and started working on the new project. Contract negotiations took almost a week, and the situation was a bit weird. We have a strong NDA on that project, but it should be ok to disclose that they were definitely going with us and still wanted a better...
  12. astr0

    In which areas of your life do you set goals?

    My approach is pretty different from your table. I set goals for a 6m or 1y period. Those can be, for example, "4 hires", "$30k+ project sold", or "weight 67 kg". Then I usually split them into subgoals, like "weight 70 kg by the end of summer", "make the company attractive to bigger...
  13. astr0

    In which areas of your life do you set goals?

    The Main Business - we have them shared with co-founders, and for six months, cause year is too long. Some are shared responsibility, and some are personal. Personal Investments/Hustles - I have some semi-passive things going on the side; it's more just to keep track of them and adjust...
  14. astr0

    NOTABLE! What is the BEST "value" you ever paid for?

    Grammarly Premium It gives a feeling that Skynet has already made a humanoid to evacuate itself to Mars, far from those humans. I can't explain how it works, it's not without mistakes, yet it's incredible.
  15. astr0

    Need Feedback on My Web App Idea and If I Should Pursue?

    The idea sounds great. There's probably plenty of competition already, and you'll have to differentiate. Focusing on some aspects from the start might be an option, like dietary needs and ingredients, convenient planning and delivery, or just simple and gorgeous design. For the retailers, I...

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