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  1. AstonMartinOne77

    Launching a programmer-focused SaaS tool

    @d7laungani has made a good point. But I still think that if there's real value in your product, in the long term, programmers would eventually vouch for it and their companies would buy your product.
  2. AstonMartinOne77

    EXECUTION Which business would you start between these two ?

    That's actually a very good question, @Tourmaline. I don't know the answer. But I have a feeling that the ERP field has bigger holes and gaps in need. Because it is soo niche, sometimes obscure, the skill is so hard to acquire and ERP implementations are so costly (sometimes a mess). Software...
  3. AstonMartinOne77

    EXECUTION Which business would you start between these two ?

    Very interesting info that your bringing to the table ! Can it go higher than 150$/hr ? Do you think that the demand for ERP consultation is increasing, staying put or decreasing ? This is what my partner keeps saying. So, he wants to hire people that already have at least a little bit of...
  4. AstonMartinOne77

    EXECUTION Which business would you start between these two ?

    Greetings fellow fastlaners, I’m looking forward to starting a business, however I am having a hard time deciding between two. Personal context: 27 years old self-taught software engineer with 5 years experience living with parents working in a top financial institution (Will make 6 figures...
  5. AstonMartinOne77

    NOTABLE! The Coming Recession (2019-2020?)

    Hello buddies, The all time high price for the S&P 500 was 2900ish and we are now at 2400. (18% decline) Correct me if I'm wrong guys, but a recession can actually be good for people who have cash ready to invest. Also, I don't think debt is a really big problem. As interest rates will go up...
  6. AstonMartinOne77

    HOT TOPIC How to become a leader?

    Hey @JohnFuture, @RayAndré I'm exactly in the same position as you guys. Programmer working for an employer, reading self-development books, working on my character... I found what you've just said very interesting. I also find myself in this same type of situations sometimes. When in...
  7. AstonMartinOne77

    Outsourcing web development. Ask me anything.

    Congratulations Matthew on your impressive accomplishment ! How did you find your clients ? Do you take on project that meet a minimum amount of revenue ? or you accept every project ? Do you have any employees (salesmen, etc) or you only contract programmers from Upwork ? If you were a...
  8. AstonMartinOne77

    Slowlane job question; which offer do I take?

    Unless you have a guaranteed equity in the start-up, don't take the job 2. Also, do you personally think the Job 2 company will succeed ? What is the company doing better than others ?
  9. AstonMartinOne77

    INTRO Commercial Real Estate Professional New to Forum

    Do you think it is a good time to start investing in real estate considering that we are in a rising interest rate environment ?
  10. AstonMartinOne77

    NOTABLE! If you want to be a millionaire by 25 then get a Saturday job

    Jimbo70 has said it very well. You are not doing anything better than working at £5.10 the hour. In your case, as a 17 years old young man, having a job is really not that bad. A job will teach you a lot about how businesses work, how people think and even more... If you don't learn anything...
  11. AstonMartinOne77

    To all Real Estate investors out there

    Hello fellow entrepreneurs, Considering that we are in a rising interest rates environment in the US and Canada, does it still make sense to start investing in real estate? is it worth to invest in real estate right now? Of course, you might say that lots of entrepreneurs have become...
  12. AstonMartinOne77

    WEB/DIGITAL Wish you had apps w/10 MILLION+ downloads?

    I want in!! Thanks for doing this, BrooklynHustle :)
  13. AstonMartinOne77

    HOT TOPIC I won 30k. What to do?

    Hi BusinessBen, Just like JAJT said, stop gambling immediately. Your lucky to have won 30k, gambling is designed so that you lose your money. So, it's great that you won 30k. I had my first 30k at 23 years old. Your afraid you will lose your money if you start a business ? Thats fine. Get a...
  14. AstonMartinOne77

    INTRO What do you think of Cosmetic Dental Vision ? Open for Constructive Criticism

    Thanks for the feedback, MJ ! I will definitely consider your points before continuing on creating the product. I will validate the idea in the market by asking dentists if they would find that 'software tool' valuable. I will continue my market research and see how many dentist offer cosmetic...
  15. AstonMartinOne77

    INTRO What do you think of Cosmetic Dental Vision ? Open for Constructive Criticism

    Hello fellow fastlaners First of all, thank you MJ Demarco for your books (The Millionaire Fastlane and Unscripted). Although, I'm still in the Slowlane, these books have changed my perception of life. This is my first post on the forum, let me introduce myself... I'm a 25 years old software...

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