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  1. Make Money with building Websites: The ultimate Way

    I was working as consctruction manager as architect (civil engineer job btw) a few years ago, building a very luxurious condo here in Brazil. A friend of mine was a real state agent, he sold 1 apartment that I was building, and walked away with something like 1 year of my pay in the bag as his...
  2. Need feedback: Producing educational games and books for niche

    Hello everyone, my first post since my coming to this forum. I am from Brazil and I need some feedback on my idea right now, that I am already pursuing but have few(lots) of holes to fix. My sister in law is a psychologist specialist in autistic children and families, and despiste being new she...
  3. NOTABLE! What book are you reading? Right now. Post up!

    No More Mr. Nice Guy, Robert A Glover. So far, it has been a life changer to me.
  4. INTRO Seeking to change my life.

    Hello everyone, i AM JR, from Brasil, and AM seeking to change my life. I stumbled at this forum in reddit just when i was most needing it. I am an Architect and Urbanist, married 35y and have a wife and 4y son, work currently as a liberal professional, as urbanist in my home office, and I hate...
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