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  1. ARMAT

    HOT! Do I Have a Chance? YouTube Niche struggle

    I don`t know where are you from, but if the competition is less in your niche you have a very high chance to succeed. Bcz business, finance, self-improvement topics are highly demanded in every capitalistic country, despite of the market size)) Good luck my friend. Keep it up and I am sure you...
  2. ARMAT

    HOT! How can I stop those negative thoughts

    Concentrate not only on your goals, but on your vision as well. There is an amazing Motivational channel on youtube, which can help you a lot in my opinion. I used to listen to the videos of that channel when I was feeling unmotivated and sad. After listening to them I became literally...
  3. ARMAT

    In this difficult time, what are the best ways an 18 year old can earn money though side hustles?

    Hello brother. You have coding/copywriting/marketing/sales on my mind? Those skills are crucial for massive success especially copywriting, marketing, sales, advertising. Continuously improve those skills. If you master them your limit is a sky. Wish you Good luck;)
  4. ARMAT

    INTRO Hi everyone!

    Welcome brother! Oprah Winfrey once said -"You have to do what is hard, until you can do what you love". Whatever you did before consider it as a preparation for a Fastlane journay. Wish you Good luck ;)
  5. ARMAT

    INTRO Hello Fastlane

    Welcome brother. As I see your motivation is already high enough for having a beautiful journey here. Good luck ;)
  6. ARMAT

    HOT! Does it still make sense to sell N95 Masks?

    Don`t be concentrated on short time and easy money. Use you priceful energy on setting up solid and long term businesses.
  7. ARMAT

    Trying to learn everything instead of mastering one skill

    Being interested about various skills is leadership quality. Think how you can use it as an strength.
  8. ARMAT

    Trying to learn everything instead of mastering one skill

    Who said it takes 3-5 years for learning any skill? It is bullshit. You can learn very fast those days. Just do it. Make many mistakes and learn from them. Never bring any excuses. Learning can be done with working. Just be sure that you are already ready. Believe in yourself. Good luck ;)
  9. ARMAT

    HOT! Anyone learning something useful in quarantine?

    As it is already obvious that online businesses gonna be more popular in the future bcz of Covid 19 and new global economic changes, I am continuously honing my Digital marketing skills;)
  10. ARMAT

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

  11. ARMAT

    Book Recommandations For Christian Entrepreneurs

    I have read couple of books by John Maxwell about leadership. He is a Pastor and very wise Man. His books empower Christian spirituality and faith. I am sure you will like it. It makes you strong leader which indirectly affects your business results. Good luck! ;)
  12. ARMAT

    How do I learn how to talk?

    There is another great way which helped me a lot and I am sure it will help you also. Every night before getting asleep write down your thoughts and ideas on the paper or success journal. It will take from you maximum 10-15 minutes. After two weeks you will communicate with people much easier...
  13. ARMAT


    I have read this amazing book and it changed my life forever. I am not the same person anymore.
  14. ARMAT

    Life is tough, but you are tougher.

    Life is tough, but you are tougher.
  15. ARMAT

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    I have read that amazing book and it totally changed my mindset. Since that time I am not the same person. Currently I am on the way of creating my fastline business. I am thankful to MJ DEMARKO for such a great book. And I also like the creative community in this forum where people are ready...
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