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  1. Ankerstein17

    Love To Connect With Drop-shippers & E-Commerce (Shopify+WooCommerce) Owners

    Hey Everyone, I am going to keep my post simple here. I am looking to connect and network with drop shippers & e-commerce owners {If you run a Shopify or WooCommerce} store. Love the ability to connect, get to know each other and learn what everyone is doing. Love to share what I am up to in...
  2. Ankerstein17

    Is Dropshipping Dead?

    Hey, I haven't got on here for a bit - what are you up to now at days?
  3. Ankerstein17

    Connecting With Instagram Influencers

    Hey Fastlane! I wanted to jump on here for a second and connect with you hustlers in the social media game! I am creating this thread to connect with the individuals who have built Niche Instagram accounts to decent sizing. The reason why I am doing this? I am currently working on building a...
  4. Ankerstein17

    Hey Jason, I came across your post regarding PPC from 2015...

    Hey Jason, I came across your post regarding PPC from 2015. Thanks for sharing it. I am just getting started in PPC and building my skills with it. Love to connect with you man!
  5. Ankerstein17

    What's the point complaining?

    Love this!
  6. Ankerstein17

    GOLD! A new marketing tool I'm using with ridiculous ROI

    This is brilliant! Thank you for sharing your story! @Andy Black is right - how long till marketers ruin it. This is a tool for the future of marketing and is on the upcoming. Email marketing is becoming less and less effecient, more Facebook bots, more text based marketing, and now voicemail...
  7. Ankerstein17

    HOT TOPIC Crushing B2B Sales with LinkedIn

    Hey, thanks for sharing your experience and strategy with LinkedIn B2B sales. Awesome! For any one who is in the b2b space, there is a ton of value here.
  8. Ankerstein17

    Lewis Howes Inner Circle

    Hey, what's happening team! For over the past couple of years, I have been a big advocate of podcasts. In fact, one of my favorite podcasts of all time is Lewis Howes and the School of Greatness. With that being said, I noticed Lewis has his own Inner Circle program, helping to teach you...
  9. Ankerstein17

    Selling my product on from Canada

    Absolutely man, keep in chat with me. If you have any other questions, maybe I can help you
  10. Ankerstein17

    EXECUTION My FBA journey

    Hey Great to hear you are having some success flipping electronics! Depending on what your is, ask yourself this.... "will my customer care if this product comes in a box?" If the answer is no, then maybe consider competing in another manner. The reason why I say this is because, for some...
  11. Ankerstein17

    Selling my product on from Canada

    Hey, Austin. If you are still looking for some information... I would look around on YouTube. There are some big Canadian Amazon Sellers like Charles Marois. They should be able to provide some detailed information regarding this stuff -Hope this helps
  12. Ankerstein17

    EXECUTION My FBA journey

    I'm not a seller on Amazon... but I would like to comment on this. You mention, its hard to know what is profitable after PPC. If you are already selling on Amazon... and are looking for new products to launch... Don't you have access to the PPC advertising platform, and you can identify...
  13. Ankerstein17

    EXECUTION First Dropshipping Venture (Progress Thread)

    Hey Man -- well congratulations on starting. It's always great seeing people take the first step. I hope everything goes well for you! Keep us in the loop where the progress is at!
  14. Ankerstein17

    Hey Brotha, Saw your posts about dropshipping business. Let's connect. Message me

    Hey Brotha, Saw your posts about dropshipping business. Let's connect. Message me
  15. Ankerstein17

    Any practical Marketing book recommendations?

    Hey, I love this post! Are you looking for more on the consumer psychology or are you looking for more practical digital content?
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