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  1. Amon

    How do you scale HUMAN style sales?

    I don't think it's necessary to go "human" unless the product you're selling is worth a high ticket value. (4/5/6+ figure price tag) You can still be very personal and reach out to thousands of people at once (with high conversions) using facebook ads and direct mail. these routes don't make...
  2. Amon

    Side Hustle or All In to win?

    Nobody is going to be able to answer this for you Will you win quicker if you work 18 hours a day vs. 5 hours a day? Yes. But you have to respect practicality. You might have a family or a job that supports your lifestyle. Abandoning everything to go all in isn't practical for a lot of people...
  3. Amon

    LANDFILL I hate rich people and this forum sucks.

    This is quality material - noooo! All rich people are douchebags!! Just like how all Thais are about is dogs and cats. : ) welcome to the forum glad you're here
  4. Amon

    What to do when you find out your idea is taken

    Yeah I'm sorry but neither one of you have any clue what you're talking about when it comes to this person. If your goal is to be more efficient, consume 99% of his material with a grain of salt - then move on to learning from someone who understands how business (and more importantly, reality)...
  5. Amon

    A-M-A Five THOUSAND Cold Calls a Day

    Love your no bullshit approach. @458 Its clear that execution is your entire game. Thanks for the thread Rep+
  6. Amon

    EXECUTION I've Given Up on Chasing Money... Time to Start Chasing Passion

    I think there is some confusion on what being an entrepreneur is. It doesn't mean being in constant mental chaos. There's a difference between being productive or just active. It sounds like you need to address an attention deficit problem and focus on what's actually important. A lot of...
  7. Amon

    EXECUTION Moved to Phoenix, AZ Ready to start my new Life

    First, congrats on your move. I'm not a car salesman but at the root of anything you do there, it will be sales/communication. And in order to succeed as a car salesman, you gotta know the basics. Even at a good dealership (hopefully you've picked a good one) -- know that a lot of your...
  8. Amon

    EXECUTION Watch me struggle my way through a licensing deal

    This is a cool concept, but I think the way you're approaching this is a little odd. Just the way you're wording it, it's as if you expect this to not work. Failing as an entrepreneur will never go out of style and it's a necessary part of the process. Even the greats fail, regularly. The...
  9. Amon

    NOTABLE! Who Do They Think They Are?!

    Saw this video & thought of the horrific knockouts that happened in this thread. Excellent read for new comers to the forum. This brings in many elements of prospecting for potential partners or mentors but the key here is to do extensive research for any individual you plan to go into an...
  10. Amon

    OFF-TOPIC Elon Musk Can't Sell His Teslas in Texas

    Energy efficiency projects with no capital out of pocket? Do people know about this?? That's extremely powerful.
  11. Amon

    5 Year Old Girl Fined 150 Pounds for Lemonade Stand

    Shutting this lemonade stand is likely the best thing that will ever happen to this girl. If she is a pure bred entrepreneur -- this punch in the face is THE BEST OUTCOME. At five years old, she has already set herself apart from thousands of people that put "entrepreneur" in their social...
  12. Amon

    INTRO 18. Slade.

    Welcome to the forum. Pro tip that I wish someone had told me when I was off to uni last year.. you don't need 3 months to start a business. There's endless ways to begin ----- unfortunately it's the hardest step in entrepreneurship. I might be able to help you with your vision a little...
  13. Amon

    INTRO Ended the script and started living

    I'm less focused on the amount of complaining & see this as so much more. The bigger lesson here is time. So many are taking advantage of this new world we are in - whether they are 18, or 35 or 47 or 62 - it is imperative to understand that singular idea. Instead of sitting at the timeshare...
  14. Amon

    HOT TOPIC Help Each Other Reach Our Dreams

    Retail arbitrage is a fancy way of describing what I was doing. I try to keep it simple and call it as it were - maximum hustle. When I was younger, it began with trading cards and bubble gum. This gradually turned into toys/clothing/hats/lamps/sneakers - which would eventually lead me to...
  15. Amon

    HOT TOPIC Help Each Other Reach Our Dreams

    I was doing this in Cleveland, OH. I was buying locally at many different stores - including retail. Discount items from retail often sell for higher on ebay/craigslist. There's hidden treasure all over if you look. When I was making the most, I'd do all of it. My strategy was post each item...

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