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  1. alexkuzmov

    EXECUTION Creating the First Freelance Platform in my Country

    It could work and wordpres might be a good option. Make a plan for your MVP and start executing on it. The faster you can fail the faster you can progress.
  2. alexkuzmov

    EXECUTION Creating the First Freelance Platform in my Country

    What did you specifically do today to execute on any of the 3 ideas you`ve listed? What actions did you take today?
  3. alexkuzmov

    Need help, support, or just a morale boost?

    Hey forum, My main skills are in software development so I can help with: 1. Learning to code. 2. Hosting and server setup. 3. Database architecture, data aggregation and distribution. 4. SEO, the functional side of it. Auxiliary skills that I can help with: 1. Botany. 2. A bit of mechanical...
  4. alexkuzmov

    My Personal Warning Alarm On Coronavirus - 1 MILLION+ Deaths

    - Who the hell took the picture, is this out at sea? Drone?
  5. alexkuzmov

    WEB SCHOOL Looking to increase website design knowledge. Where to start ?

    Start with learnign about UI/UX: Online Courses - Anytime, Anywhere | Udemy Then learn your tools: HTML/CSS: W3Schools Online Web Tutorials Photoshop: Online Courses - Anytime, Anywhere | Udemy After learning all of these you can go in a couple of directions. Depends on what will you be...
  6. alexkuzmov

    How do I learn how to talk?

    Yea, maybe work on that. We tend to avoid what we dont like, especially when no one forces us to do it. Maybe you are not the type of person which engages in small talk? I dont do small talk either.
  7. alexkuzmov

    RANT Asinine reasons your time should be FREE b/c COVID-19

    Love that bullshit argument. I`m not a baby cow, therefore I dont drink cows` milk. Like you are forcing it down their throats or something.
  8. alexkuzmov

    Anyone learning something useful in quarantine?

    I`ve been looking into Audible books around marketing and sales. Finished Cashvertising and Never Split the Difference. Most of the time I`m working though. Trying to get ahead of the tasks before the next sprint ends (building a SaaS). If all goes as planned we`ll be out of beta by july.
  9. alexkuzmov

    EXECUTION A Google Ads Lead-Gen project

    Lets say that I want to produce and sell cosmetic items. Lip balm, body lotion, anti aging cream etc. Lets say that I have both the means and the knowledge to do it (I do but thats a topic for another time) Here is what I`m imagining this ad aproach looks like: 1. I create a landing page with...
  10. alexkuzmov

    EXECUTION A Google Ads Lead-Gen project

    I think I get what the conversion rate is now. So basically its an abstract metric depending on what I consider a conversion to be. What does a high/low conversion rate tell us though? In the video you said that we can be getting quote requests, but the customers might be buying from someone...
  11. alexkuzmov

    EXECUTION A Google Ads Lead-Gen project

    Most of it I couldnt understand. I mean I could, but I'm not sure what it means since I've no experience with running ads. What is the coversion rate? Is it a product sale? A service subscription? An email collected? Or something else?
  12. alexkuzmov

    It’s seems strange

    1/ Depends on your goals. You can do it with web design through proper scale. What is a beginning to you might be a goal for someone else. By monogamy of business, what do you mean? 2/ Great ideas are a dime a dozen. I have 2 of those every week. Execution is what matters and execution does not...
  13. alexkuzmov

    planning to quit my job... wonder if it sounds rational.

    So why work there at all? Why not quit tomorrow? What does a business have to do with this? You cant get these hours back. Overtime = more for them and less for you. Clearly you dont value your time. Also you say you lose 2 hours in travel? So thats 4 hours each work day that tou cant get back...
  14. alexkuzmov

    Caspio - Is this what I need?

    In this case any hosting will do. Just pick the cheapest I recommend AWS Lightsail
  15. alexkuzmov

    19yo college student in Germany - figure it out or go home

    So lets break this down. You have 2 months of cash in your account. You are working a part-time job which pays for about half of your monthly expenses. Combine that with your current cash and you have 3 and a half months. Cut your expenses, no drinking, no drugs, dont waste your time and money...

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