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  1. Addy338

    EXECUTION Earn or learn?

    I think it's the best suggestion. Thankyou. You cleared so much in such short time.
  2. Addy338

    EXECUTION Earn or learn?

    Yes for sure I am in the third group "Those who have not started anything or haven’t really been successful at a business or job"(I haven't even completed my undergraduate but done some internship). So basically you are suggesting me to go directly for 1st group, that you described as "Those...
  3. Addy338

    EXECUTION Earn or learn?

    Can you please clear up my thoughts on why to go for business from the very starting and not with a job (for some time to have something to pay bills), since my business will not start raining too much at the beginning.
  4. Addy338

    INTRO Me in a nutshell (Does someone have a nutcracker?)

    Awesome Derek. It may or may not be easy but it's possible, and that's what should matter. Best of luck to us, and all the members of the forum.
  5. Addy338

    EXECUTION Earn or learn?

    I don't know what should I be doing? I am at an edge where either I can earn now or else won't get enough time to work on my CENTS. Should I start a building a business or earn some money to pay my monthly bills? Is there any way for me to do both at the same time? Can I think of creat those...
  6. Addy338

    INTRO Introduction

    I am from middle class Indian family from a minority community living in a small town with lots of faith in God for an awesome future. I don't know if it'll be easy for me or not but if you have anything to let me help in my journey please do comment. I don't get to know much people to hang out...
  7. Addy338

    GOLD! I've Read The Millionaire Fastlane!

    Yes of course. I have read tfm and it made many things clear. Not to say about the way of getting in the fastlane.
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