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    HOT TOPIC Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    I think the original appeal to Tiny homes was the concept of portability, but I think the reality is that trailer built "tiny homes" are heavy to tow, awkward on the road and tough to find an appealing place that allows extended stay and hook up to sewer, power and water. There appears to be...
  2. 4x4ord

    HOT TOPIC Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    Here are examples of 600, 800 and 1000 sf houses that I've built. There is a lot more room in them than what you'd think
  3. 4x4ord

    HOT TOPIC Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    This is exactly what I'm talking about regarding tiny houses getting more modular. This looks like a very interesting business model: A startup is building $125,000 backyard 'granny flats' that can be constructed in less than a month
  4. 4x4ord

    HOT TOPIC Possible Blue Ocean? Affordable "tiny" housing park

    I actually think this is a very viable idea. I work for a home builder that is currently doing versions of this for different investors, except we are doing stick built tiny houses on foundations, not mobile ones. This solves the jurisdictional issues, because they are built like a regular...
  5. 4x4ord

    EXECUTION Let's Build a Spec House!

    Congratulations on the progress! The houses are coming out great, you're learning and you're making money. What more could you ask for! I recently just went back to work for a branch of a large home builder (slowlane, I know). One thing you might consider, once you get your house plans...
  6. 4x4ord

    My situation. Self thoughts. And eager to hear your opinions.

    You hit the nail on the head right there. College is not necessarily about the content you learn. Its about learning how to learn. It teaches you how to deal with stuff you don't like, it teaches you the patience to work through problems, it teaches you time management, social skills and...
  7. 4x4ord

    EXECUTION What to ask a manufacturer before placing an order?

    Congrat's on getting your samples on the way. That's a huge step! As far as selling a combo, take a good look at your profit margins for the combo. I have a product that comes to me in bulk (25 pack) and I break these down in to single packs and 2 packs before I ship to Amazon. I find that...
  8. 4x4ord

    GOLD! Ask me anything about eCommerce (Ongoing)

    Even though there will be work arounds, I think this is great news! It will discourage some of the "guru" following, get rich quick zombies who don't want to treat Amazon like a real business. I've followed @biophase 's advice on just growing things organically and found that my product sales...
  9. 4x4ord

    EXECUTION Earn $50 by June 31st. Budget $350

    Your covering your anxiety about taking action by keeping busy thinking about taking action. Believe me, I've been there. When you make one small real action you will learn mountains more than what you will reading and making plans. Take a step. It's ok if it's not perfect. It's a lot easier...
  10. 4x4ord

    EXECUTION $4.80!

    Congrats, that's a great feeling! My fiancé and I were just talking about how exciting making our first $1 was! Now it's so crazy to see $1k a day coming in. Don't ever forget how gratifying the feeling is of that first $1.
  11. 4x4ord

    GOLD! Sorry, But the Forum Can't Make Your Life Decisions For You!!

    I just finished this book and highly recommend it.
  12. 4x4ord

    Amazon Sues Sellers For Buying Fake Reviews

    I agree, it's good to see Amazon cleaning house. They are aggressively pursuing sellers over most all policy violations. Unfortunately, it appears some good sellers are getting caught up in the scouring. In the end, I think it is going to make Amazon a better place for buyers and hopefully...
  13. 4x4ord

    EXECUTION Importing and selling on ebay.

    Whatever you do, don't give up. You've taken one baby step and learned from it. Use that knowledge to make another step forward. Trust me, keep taking steps and it will pay off. I've had good luck using Alibaba, but being very conservative and using every means to back check to suppliers I...
  14. 4x4ord

    Create a start-up while employed? or focus resources on start-up?

    As romantic as it sounds to give up the day job and pursue your business full time, there is a lot of downsides. A growing business typically demands some capital. Having a flow of income to inject in the business will super charge your growth. Also, work through your business growth plan and...
  15. 4x4ord

    Expecting quick success? Patience

    @AndrewNC Excellent post! Patience is sooo hard starting out. With all the get rick quick propaganda out there it is easy to get discouraged. I naturally am not very patient. I find that reflecting on what I've accomplished helps me feel better about where I'm at, and I use my lack of...

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