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  1. Bitz

    Ideas = Assumptions ...How to validate?

    You have all have great ideas. You know those innovative business revelations that no one else has thought of or has executed on. You know the market. You thought out your brilliant idea. Maybe you even wrote a detailed outline on how it will work. You do a keyword analysis. You vet out your...
  2. Geekour

    Share the latest methods for product and market validation

    I have a few ideas in mind for Ecommerce physical products. Curious what you all think as to what the most current and latest effective methods to validate and test a product/market need. I feel landing pages might piss people off / feel spammy when they find out you don't have stock and ask...
  3. MB2

    Validating the "need"

    Few weeks ago, I caught myself saying one of the code words. This is a problem that can be solved using intenet/computer system.However, I am worrying about whether others experience this same problem and how I go about validating this "need".Love to hear what you think. Thanks
  4. D

    How to validate idea if potential market is very small (high ticket)

    So here's the situation: I've identified a problem that is a very large scale (costs companies potentially $xx,xxx,xxx/year), can be partially solved (20-30%, possibly up to 50-60%), I know who my clients would be, and I can solve it (to the % outlined above). It's not easy or simple, but i...

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