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slowlane gravity

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  1. Galaxy16

    BOOK "JobStars" (Book promotes slowlane?)

    A book author called Conrad Prämböck released a Book in 2012 (one year after The Millionaire Fastlane Book) promoting life as employee. His argument is: In the most income classes, except the highest, employees earn more than entrepreneurs. The entrepreneur dream is propaganda to most people...
  2. zerobrainwash

    EXECUTION Staying on the Fastlane

    Hi guys, After reading "The Fastlane Millionaire" 2 years ago I joined this forum and ever since did not achieve anything of major significance. In those 2 years, I did some freelance work which was the most entrepreneurial thing I have done besides the online skateboards shop I ran as a...
  3. mindfulimmortal

    EXECUTION Escaping the Gravity of Slowlane Success

    With MJ’s new book Unscripted coming out soon I wanted to share with the Fastlane Forum members my challenges of breaking free of a successful “Slowlane” journey. My intent is to help myself through advice and insights as much as I help others avoid the same journey. About me: I am 50yrs old...
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