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  1. M

    Partnership with the tiny houses factory

    Hello everyone! My name is Calin Baila and I am from Romania. We recently started a factory that produces tiny houses. We built a first model that will go into series production. We plan to develop another 3-4 models, on grid and off grid. We are also open to building to order, in case we...
  2. Scott Robertson

    Anyone Have Experience As A Data Reseller?

    Hey guys, I’m contemplating becoming a data reseller. I have a rather large network of potential clients who need leads on an ongoing basis. My question is whether or not this is a feasible avenue to pursue? Ideally, I’d like to hear from someone who has successfully gone down this path and can...
  3. LPPC

    Becoming a reseller for a brand

    Hello people, I want to become a reseller for an established brand in the baby niche and start with ordering 100 pieces of one of their products. This brand sells products worldwide and I want to become a reseller for my country and it already has a distributor/wholesaler in my country. I want...