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patent infringement

  1. G

    Probably the most in-depth interview with a patent attorney, 2024. (Asking HARD questions)

    So these guys (yes I'm one) are inventors who have both brought a product to market. They interviewed an LA patent attorney and asked all the hard and dumb questions on inventors minds. It's a long one so it may be a better commute listen! [REMOVED] Hope this helps! And just a note; This is...
  2. EngineerThis

    My Value Skew Product apparently, is patented... Advice?

    My biz partner and I found the perfect product for value skewing.. Its a fantastic idea, but the design has flaws, and the creator has done 0 marketing.. We were in the middle of designing and 3D printing our concept (Engineers by trade) and, working on some promo material to start going "Door...