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  1. M

    Partnership with the tiny houses factory

    Hello everyone! My name is Calin Baila and I am from Romania. We recently started a factory that produces tiny houses. We built a first model that will go into series production. We plan to develop another 3-4 models, on grid and off grid. We are also open to building to order, in case we...
  2. enhancenothing

    Do I need a design partner?

    Hey all, I'm an experienced software engineer working at a large tech company in Silicon Valley and have just started my LLC and plan on working on an app idea I've landed on. I'm struggling to decide if I really need a partner. Although I technically can create an entire app myself I know...
  3. NMdad

    What would you suggest for partnering with a client?

    I have a question about how to structure a partnership with someone who's a current client. Background: One of my current consulting clients (who's an attorney, & for whom I've done consulting work for 10+ years) has a business idea which is essentially building a database of leads, and...
  4. robruf

    How do you get partnership with brands/businesses when you're not even started yet?

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right place. Let's pretend that a startup has a great and valid idea for a service. Thing is, in order to make this possibile, it needs to close parterships with other existing businesses. How do you get to those businesses and get those partnerships? I'll...
  5. K

    Need a 3rd view opinion on my partnership situation

    Hey guys Honestly just need to get this out of me already and i thought this forum would be perfect since i could get some feedback from other more experienced entrepreneurs. I really dont have anybody to talk to this about as i deleted my facebook/ig to focus on the grind and cut off basically...
  6. O

    How do I structure a partnership with someone who brought a deal to the table but I'm doing all the leg work?

    Hi, I have a business partner in who has brought a deal to the table, unrelated to our current partnership. This deal is basically us taking over part of the business because the current owner of this contract does not want to do this anymore because it’s not a part of their core business. So...

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