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  1. Yanezez

    Painting Company Website Feedback

    Hello all, Thanks again for those that helped me fix a major absolute positioning issue. That, unfortunately (although thankfully) took all the attention from the previous feedback request. Anyway, I'd like to get some constructive criticism on my website. It's a home painting company that...
  2. reality250

    Where can I sell french vintage paintings?

    Hi folks, Right now I am on eBay, and some other platforms and sell paintings all used and vintage. Most of the works I acquire offline and online: Security Measure I do not have my own website. The GREATEST hurdle in this is "Traffic". The overall advantage with eBay,,, intondo, etc is you...
  3. Yanezez

    Made Site: Now What?

    Hello all, I am trying to help my dad in Chile (I am in France) with his painting business. I made a site (best of my abilities) which has generated some traffic. When someone googles in Spanish the equivalent of 'Painters (location)' we show first. My question is now, how do i bring it to...
  4. BulkPaintings

    Anybody in Digital Fabric Paintings Business

    Hi, i am new here, but i am wondering if anybody here is in digital fabric painting business like me, currently i have clients from different countries that include US, Canada, and Germany and sell them in Bulk. (min 25 pieces), i do custom print as well with different sizes, i am starting to...
  5. ProcessionOfEye

    Starving artist tired of starving

    Hi, As the title suggests, I've been doing art for a long time. Illustration, graphic design, product design, painting, and so on. I've had other careers, but art has always stuck with me in some form, even as something to fall back on. I'm a very private person as I have a serious case of...