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  1. Eric.k13

    Can't continue with this insanity, i'm gonna lose it soon if i don't change something.

    Hello everyone, my "The Millionaire Fastlane" read was already a while ago, i started reading "Unscripted" but layed it off for a while before i came to the commandments once again, i tried some business with easy entries, using A.I. to create e-books, clipart and print-on-demand alltogether...
  2. MaximilianT

    I introduce myself

    Hello MJ and everybody else reading this. I am Max, a 14 year old italian boy. I have read the millionaire fastlane , and i love it! Without any doubt, it changed my mind about wealth and the sidewalk. I'm looking forward to talk with like minded people and learn from them. I am working on my...
  3. Joel.Vis


    Today’s my first ever day ever into the fast lane forum. Only 17 at the current moment. I can’t wait to reading these articles, at the current moment it’s very inspiring and just compelling to start something! Hopefully one day I can start to write an article about my success and failures...
  4. TheDutch

    Finally, a proper introduction! Do you know me already?

    Hi All, Some of you may know me already, since i'm scavenging here and there for information and motivation on this Forum. And passing on the knowledge i've got in my short history of working. I try to make every post being of value for atleast someone on this Forum. 22 years old from...